Zerrin: where green joins chic

If you happen to find yourself on the verge of dropping your style for the sake of saving the planet, or the other way around, take this article as a sign not to.

Sustainability-oriented online store Zerrin has emerged as the fashion platform that all conscious chic women have waited for. Starring more than a dozen sustainable beauty and fashion products as well as accessories, this Singapore headquartered company is the go-to for shopping authentic green brands.

Dismissing the green sheen

With the growth of a population that cares about buying responsibly you would expect that companies get their hands on making products that truly satisfy this demand. Ironically, this past decade has not only witnessed a rise in customer awareness, but also one in corporate green washing to the point of almost being normalized.

Zerrin guarantees genuinely conscious and good quality brands by carrying out a careful selection process. Meeting the faces behind the brands, as well as trying and testing their products themselves, allows Zerrin’s team to identify those truly worthy of being displayed in their platform. What gets through their gatekeepers are 100% independent, sustainable fashion brands.

Hashtag shop meaningfully

Moving people to think and buy more knowingly is Zerrin’s long term mission. This is why the company has set up a pop-up event called The Lounge, and published an online magazine.

The Lounge gathers an array of responsible fashion brands and hosts a community of savvy consumers, giving them access to a series of activities, talks and workshops. Their online magazine provides readers with the latest news on the sustainable fashion and beauty industry.

In the end Zerrin is all about making #shopmeaningfully go viral, so that more and more people get in on the act of shopping mindfully while acknowledging the human labor linked to every piece of clothing, accessory and product. In other words, they seek to transform the relationship of every person with their wardrobe.

To make it easy for their buyers to choose wisely Zerrin’s online store has a section named “shop your values” in which you can be directed to shopping for products made with sustainable fabrics, crafted by hand, fair trade, or cruelty free. You choose the main moral principle behind your purchase.

© Photo by Zerrin

Jewelry brand Talee, for instance, puts forth a singular collection of handmade earrings. Its creator, Lorraine Lee, came up with the designs from an activity used as cognitive therapy for treating her father’s brain injury: tying knots. A true story about turning adversity into opportunity and hope.

Filipino brand Munimuni offers sophisticated shoes handcrafted by local artisans and made of Manila hemp, a plant native to the Philippines; whereas Solos Cosmetics presents cruelty-free, clean, and affordable makeup products.

The founder has spoken

Former fashion and beauty editor, Sussanah Jaffer, founded Zerrin to help women dress more meaningfully and intentionally without having to compromise their style. In an interview with The Honeycombers she explains how – for her – clothing is more than just a piece of attire you put on. Instead, she places emphasis on how an item makes her feel.

For Sussanah, the power of the green fashion movement is that it reconnects people to what they are wearing. Turning shopping into endorsing what we value, and wearing into covering ourselves with possessions we cherish.


Website: www.zerrin.com

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