WOMB: shopping platform with sustainability in focus

From stylish home decor to chic apparel and fashion accessories, Hong-Kong based WOMB promotes responsible purchases and sustainable design.

The story of WOMB

WOMB is an ethical online platform that brings together an eclectic mix of small and medium-sized creators from Europe and Hong Kong. The brand’s name symbolizes a safe and inviting place where independent designers can grow and where eco-conscious consumers can shop more sustainably.

The portal was launched in 2017 by Polish-born artists Kasia Galak and Maria Grzywacz, who left behind their careers in Beijing’s 798 Art District to fully devote themselves to the project they felt strongly passionate about. WOMB is based on the pair’s belief that socially responsible purchases must extend beyond the scope of organic food and eco-friendly cosmetics to include everything from clothing items to toys and homeware.

Transparency and trustworthiness

The two co-founders have created a carefully curated arena that gathers authentic and trustworthy brands. The essential part of their business is transparency. Buyers can easily access information about all aspects of production, from the materials the items are made of to the fair compensation makers receive for their work.

WOMB exclusively features designers who rely on slow manufacturing using responsibly sourced materials and creating minimal waste. Here there is no place for mass production, and artists often rely on traditional handcrafting techniques that guarantee both high quality and durability of their creations.

Minimal waste design

WOMB displays an extensive array of beautiful fashion items, accessories, and homeware that show endless possibilities when it comes to ethical design and manufacture.

All clothing items of the Finnish-based fashion brand Pure Waste—including dedicated home office outfits—are made of 100% recycled textile waste. The old fabric is sorted by color and spun into new yarn, thus completely eliminating the need for dye or new cotton.

Likewise, the founders of the Hong Kong brand Cosmos Studio believe that fashion and ecological thinking must go hand in hand. Their patented waterless and wasteless processes are at the heart of Cosmos Studio’s garment production. The popular Bottle Tee, for instance, is made with a specially devised blend of recycled polyester from used plastic bottles and regenerated bamboo viscose.

Polish Zaczyn Studio partners with one of the oldest porcelain factories in Poland to create new ceramic items from crushed old porcelain in a production that doesn’t harm the environment. Wooden home accessories from the SO SO brand are designed and handmade in a tiny workshop in Cascais, Portugal, using only natural materials to create timeless objects with a minimalist aesthetic.

The WOMB owners meet each one of their featured designers personally, tour their studios, and visit factories they work with. That way, they can also take the burden off their customer’s shoulders of having to research environmental certifications. Both Hong Kong and international customers who wish to make more sustainable choices now have a reliable place to shop unique eco-friendly brands with a minimal impact on the planet.


Website: www.itswomb.com

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