Sustainable Singapore Gallery: Discover the Greening of Singapore

During your visit to Marina Barrage, drop into Sustainable Singapore Gallery to learn about the greening of Singapore and global environmental challenges for the future. It’s the ideal spot for a quick education and a dash of reflection.

Cleaning up Singapore

Singapore is a country which has taken a remarkable journey towards sustainability and greening over the past few decades. The development of the country since its independence has occurred with sustainability at the forefront and with an emphasis on maintaining a clean and green environment. Scattering luscious green jewels across the city in the form of parks such as Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay, has been part of this epic greening journey. Meticulously cleaning and filtering out pollutants from the Singapore River throughout the 1970s, opting for sustainable architecture and design and teaching locals and visitors alike about pressing global environmental issues also make up part of Singapore’s fantastic efforts towards sculpting a wonderfully green city.

Documenting the greening of Singapore
Marina Barrage

Singapore sets a phenomenal example, and is the ideal place to learn about all things relating to the environment. For an in-depth, concise and informative understanding of Singapore’s greening journey, visit Sustainable Singapore Gallery. Housed at the stunning waterfront development of Marina Barrage, Sustainable Singapore Gallery lays out the country’s fascinating environmental journey and exhibits some of the most pivotal milestones which brought about a high quality of living for Singaporeans to enjoy today.

The Greening of Singapore Journey

Organised into six zones, the gallery is thorough yet captivating in its approach. A suspended grid of LED’s hanging overhead provides an ambient and atmospheric experience, displaying the sky and represents current weather conditions. A meandering ribbon structure guides visitors through the space and takes them on a narrative journey. Across six equally important zones, pressing issues are brought to your attention.

Learn about climate change and the efforts taken by Singapore as a country to address this topical, worldwide challenge. In this section, you’ll have the opportunity to answer eight questions and receive an environmental score, to find out the extent of your impact on the planet. This simple yet personal touch is bound to get you thinking about your own actions. Move onwards in your journey through the gallery, to learn about Singapore’s breath-taking water story, before entering into a zone dedicated to the celebration of the stunning green lungs of the city and the fresh waterways laced throughout it.

The greening of Singapore - Sustainable Singapore gallery

The Greening of Singapore: Combatting climate change

Despite its positive approach, visitors to Sustainable Singapore Gallery do not only learn about Singapore’s success story and remarkable environmental journey. The attention of visitors will also be brought to the challenges that Singapore, as well as the rest of the world, face for the future. Interactive panels and interesting artefacts make for an immersive experience here. Wander into a zone dedicated to showcasing cities of the future and get a grasp of numerous future environmental challenges to the greening of Singapore.

Next, learn the shocking truth about waste and discover how Singapore is taking steps towards reducing it through innovative waste management strategies. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the end of the gallery invites visitors to reflect on their futures and impact upon the planet. Spend some time here considering how you as an individual can contribute to sustainability efforts, whether might be during your trip to Singapore or in your home country.

The most important museum around

Sustainable Singapore Gallery does what it says on the packet. If it’s time for you to increase your environmental awareness and decrease your carbon footprint, start here. Extremely clear, well-structured, interactive displays revealing Singapore’s sustainability journey – including future challenges and potential solutions – are bound to captivate and inspire you on your visit.

Perhaps afterwards, you’ll be motivated to make even one environmentally conscious decision during your trip to the city-state. Apply your new knowledge in real life. Opt for an evening meal at a restaurant that uses sustainable waste management and sources local produce, or decide to visit and support another of Singapore’s sustainable attractions such as Flower Dome, or Singapore Botanic Gardens to learn more about endangered plant species. On the other hand, if the gallery only generates conversations, debates and ideas on sustainability, we’re satisfied. 



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Monday – Sunday | 9am – 6pm

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