Vision Walks Eco-Tours: educational walking tours in Bryon Bay

Vision Walks Eco-Tours sets you up with an environmental scientist who will guide you around the rainforests and national parks surrounding Bryon Bay, all while passing on a little of their knowledge.

Where you can go and what you might see

Bryon Bay is renowned for its environmental beauty, so why not explore the wonderful native Australian flora and fauna with the help of a guide? Vision Walks Eco-Tours offers loads of sustainable walking tour options catering for anyone and everyone, no matter your fitness level. Whichever tour you choose, you will be immersed in the natural environments of memorising National Parks. The National Parks you visit are all outstanding examples of natural, environmental and cultural heritage and therefore must be protected and conserved. By conducting tours within these national parks, Vision Walks allows visitors to witness these exquisite environments and hopefully connects and protects them. The only problem you will have is choosing which tour to take part in because there is so much to do, see and learn.

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So, what are your tour options? If you love your animals you could sign up for the Bird Watching Tour, Koala Tours, Platypus Walk or even a Yowie Tour (Yowie sightings not guaranteed). For a taste of everything wildlife, the Bryon Bay Wildlife Safari is ideal for you. If you’re a bit of a night owl and love the dark, there are two options designed especially for you. Your first option is the Night Vision Walk which allows you to explore the rainforest at night with night vision goggles. Just remember to keep an eye out for some amazing nocturnal wildlife. The other is Night Sky Discovery Experience where you can discover the night sky with help from a local astronomer.

However, if truly reconnecting with nature is your aim, check out the Bush Tucker Walk, Minyon Falls Walk or even the Nightcap Historic Track Hike where you have the options of staying a night inside the Park. Also check out the Beyond Byron Tour, Bryon Bay Tour and the Hippy Trail Hinterland Tour which gives visitors the perfect opportunity to check out Bryon Bay and the surrounding region.

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Traditional Owners and native wildlife

Not only does Vision Walks respect and protect the environment in which they work in, but they also value their local community and its culture and pays respects to the Traditional Owners of this land, the Bundjalung people. Out of respects to the Bundjalung people, Vision Walks do not offer tours on or around the sacred site of Wollumbin (Mount Warning).

While you’re hiking around Bryon Bay, you may see some remarkable native Australian wildlife, but to ensure environmental preservation you will not be able to pat or feed them. You might like to know that Vision Walks supports Friends of the Koala, an organisation helping to protect koalas and their natural habitats.

Credit: Vision Walks

Accreditation and Awards

Vision Walks has been awarded Advanced Ecotourism accreditation by Ecotourism Australia. This accreditation is bestowed upon a business which is committed to achieving best practice by providing learning opportunities while using resources sustainably, conserving the environment and helping local communities. Amazingly, Vision Walk is actually net carbon-negative meaning the business captures more carbon dioxide then they produce. This just shows their commitment to conserving the natural environment. As recognition of the hard work and commitment, Vision Walks was awarded Gold for Eco-Tourism at the 2019 New South Wales Regional Tourism Awards.

Vision Walks aims to inspire you to care for the planet we live on and after a guided walk you find it pretty hard not to. Head to the Vision Walks website to see the availability of tours and packages as well as for more information.




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