Tread Lightly: eco tours in the breathtaking Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park

Recognised as a world class destination for more than one hundred years, the Blue Mountains – added to the World Heritage List in 2000 – is a phenomenal wilderness in New South Wales. Choose Ecotourism Accredited business ‘Tread Lightly’ and explore the deep gorges and thick ancient rainforests of this wilderness region, gaining priceless insight as you go.

Welcome to New South Wales’ inland paradise 

Tourists to Australia might consider Australia’s stretching coastline, dotted with coves and dramatic ocean views, to be the highlight of New South Wales. Yet step away from the coastal towns and seaside surfing havens just for the day and you’ll discover a spectacular inland oasis, endlessly beautiful.

The Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park is a phenomenal mixture of ancient rainforests and rocky mountains bursting with life. Fantastic flora and fauna are laced throughout the dazzling national park with kangaroos, koalas, multicoloured birds and many more creatures roaming the park and calling it home. The Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park is truly a site of unparalleled nature in Australia. Yet on top of this, the region is proud to stand as an important spot for Indigenous culture and boasts a long Aboriginal history. 

Minimal impact eco tours 

Heading for a weekend in the Blue Mountains, you’ll be in complete awe of what stands in front of you, yet it’s likely you’ll have no idea where to start when it comes to exploring the depths of this wilderness area. Tread Lightly eco tours is the remedy to such a problem. 

Tour guides at Tread Lightly specialise in guided bush walks, as well as 4WD and even night tours.  Ecotourism Accredited and named as one of the top 50 responsible, ethical and sustainable business in Australia in 2010, the company is well placed to show you the best of the Blue Mountains without harming the environment.

Yet what gives Tread Lightly a real advantage and an element of authenticity is simply the passion and experience of guides. Head guide and owner Tim Tranter has resided in the Blue Mountains for approximately 45 years, meaning that he is not only highly knowledgeable but also emotionally tied to the beautiful region. As a wildlife rescuer, fire and rescue team member, Blue Mountains Tourism Ltd Board member and co-founder of the Community Alliance for Sustainable Tourism, there’s really no competition when it comes to choosing a sustainable tour company in the Blue Mountains.

Engage all of your senses as you ‘tread lightly’ beneath the lofty gums and weave between steep gorges in this striking national park with your Blue Mountains chaperone. Guides at Tread Lightly are highly professional and offer extensive knowledge of the region, both environmental and cultural. Depending on the tour you choose, a few hours with a local guide will teach you about flora and fauna or the region, venomous creatures, Indigenous culture, geology, astronomy and much more.

Tours for every interest

Impressively, Tread Lightly eco tours offers a large selection of tours which cater for all abilities and multiple interest groups. Walking tours consist of short and easy strolls to longer, more challenging walks which trail to the top of peaks for dazzling mountain views. The Wilderness Walking Tour is a daily option offering a leisurely stroll but paired with an important education in ecology and local culture. Valley of the Waters walk takes hikers on a journey through time as it meanders through luscious ancient rainforest zones, through eucalyptus forests and deep canyons with impressive sandstone escarpments on each side. Blue Gum Forest walk offers hikers a challenging and steep 12km hike through ancient Blue Gum forests. Whilst there are a great deal more walks to choose from, there are also some more unique options available.

Consider a night walk and learn about astronomy, also spotting vibrant electric blue glow worms as you wander in awe through a dark forest, alive with sound. Finally, if you’re less of a walker and more interested in thrilling adventures by 4WD, you’re also in luck. Rocks to Rainforest 4WD tour heads deep into the remote wilderness of the Blue Mountains to discover lookouts scattered with escarpments and beautiful rock formations. Rendevous with a Kangaroo is a tour perfect for those who love wildlife, since guests are given the opportunity to have breakfast with wild kangaroos in the heart of the mountainous region.

Hiking in the Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park comes highly recommended. Yet if you’d like to add an educational element to your trip, or you’d appreciate being taken to the deepest, most remote parts of the region, opt for Tread Lightly eco tours. Choosing Tread Lightly means choosing a knowledgeable ecotourism accredited business which follows ‘best practice’ when it comes to environment and local conservation methods.



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