Sustainable Cookbooks: the best travel-inspired versions

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to stop your taste buds from going on a flavourful expedition. The following sustainable cookbooks hold the ticket for taking you on an exquisite culinary ride without loosing sight of your principles. Thus, without further ado, bon appétit!

East by Meera Sodha

Sustainable cookbook - Asian food

Think sweet potato and aubergine massaman curry, dumplings, peanut butter and broccoli pad Thai, plus many more mouth-watering recipes. Bestselling author of Fresh India, Meera Sodha, shares 120 vegan and vegetarian recipes from across Asia. This book is perfect for those looking to adopt oriental dishes into their regular meals, since it presents simplified versions of otherwise complex dishes without having to sacrifice on flavour.

Buy now: $28.66, or $23.28, Book Depository with free shipping

Global Vegan by Ellie Bullen

Sustainable vegan cooking from around the world

Put on your seatbelts and sit back to enjoy a taste-trip around the world. Certified nutritionist Ellie Bullen wrote down 100 plant-based recipes inspired from her international travels. This is a smart pick sustainable cookbook for those new to this type of diet, since it includes a chapter on vegan nutrition. It is also the right book to source for a variety of simple-to-cook eats that range from breakfast to main dishes and from desserts to drinks.

Buy now: $28.95, or $20.20, Book Depository with free shipping

Bread is Gold by Massimo Bottura and Friends

bread - a sustainable cookbook

Chef of three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura, set out to compile a set of recipes that help foodies reduce waste in the kitchen. Foods such as over-ripe fruits, wilted vegetables and meat parts that are usually overlooked feature within this sustainable cookbook’s pages. With over 45 famous chefs contributing to the book, this read is fitting for those who wish to occasionally cook more elaborated – and waste-conscious – three course meals.

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Green Kitchen Travels by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl

sustainable cookbook

After embarking on a journey around the globe with their seven months old daughter Elsa, David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl went back home to Sweden with a collection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes ready to be documented. This book will invite you to join this couple in their adventures while motivating you to experiment in the kitchen. Expect your creations to be healthy, natural and filled with intense flavors.

Buy now: $35.00, or $27.80, Book Depository with free Shipping

Two Raw Sisters by Margo and Rosa

sustainable cookbook

After three months of having adopted a plant-based diet that limited the intake of processed foods Margo’s chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms improved and Rosa’s gut parasites disappeared. These two sisters found healing in plants and now they want to help their readers do the same. This book is perfect for those who are in the search of being able to prepare hearty and convenient dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan everyday meals.

Buy now: $40.00,

Zaika by Romy Gill

Gathering her country’s rich culinary culture as well as her love for cooking, Romy Gill crafted wonderful cookbook Zaika – meaning “taste or flavor”. Presenting an assortment of over 100 recipes, prepare yourself to bite your way through simple, yet delicious vegan Indian recipes once this book reaches your hands. Turmeric pancakes, jackfruit sabzi and poppy seed cakes are a few of the many exquisite meals you can foresee to serve on your dinner table.

Buy now: $24.18, or $19.21 Book Depository with free Shipping

Vegan Street Food by Jackie Kearney

street food - a sustainable cookbook

If you have been hungry for Asian food with a street-twist to it, think no more, because you have found the quintessential cookbook. Jackie Kearney turned her adventures through Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia into exquisite bites of wholesome vegan foods. This book is fitting for those who crave authentic vegan eats that do not require substituting animal products for plants.

Buy now: $18.00, or Book Depository with free Shipping

Vegan Recipes from Spain by Gonzalo Baró

spain - sustainable cookbook

Bacalao, chorizo, paella? There was a time when vegan and Spain used to be antonyms, but Gonzalo Baro’s book came along to change that. This book is not only a great introduction to Spanish cuisine, but one of the few out there to guide green foodies through it. If you want to learn how to prepare traditional Spanish basic sauces, tapas, pinchos, soups or elaborated main courses such as paella, don’t fail to notice this cookbook.

Buy now: $18.99, or $19.30 Book Depository with free Shipping

Cooking Green by Kate Heyhoe

Drop your carbon footprint, or as Heyhoe says “cookprint”, right at the comfort of your own kitchen. No one will look at the act of cooking with the same eyes after having read this book in which the author imparts a master class on ingredients, appliances, cookware, cooking techniques and waste reduction. All under the premise of lowering our environmental impact as much as we can. This is a must-read for all of those cooking-enthusiasts who are deeply committed to helping heal Planet Earth.

Buy now: $15.07,

Green by Elly Pear

sustainable cookbook

If you have had trouble with keeping up with your healthy cooking during busy weekdays, grieve no more, because Elly Pear has got you covered. This book includes 100 vegan recipes that are either suitable for weekends – when time is usually plentiful – or weekdays – when most people suffer a shortage of this commodity. This book will satisfy the needs of those who are in need of speedy and nourishing plant-based eats.

Buy now: $17.99, or Book Depository with free Shipping

More Plants Less Waste by Max la Manna

Max la Manna will act like your personal coach to push you towards a healthier way of eating that will also help you to save money, create less waste and make a positive impact on the environment. After trying out his 80 tasty recipes, he’ll make you test yourself with his 21-day zero waste challenge. This is the book for whoever wants, or is beginning to, explore sustainable living.

Buy now: $25.39, or $20.59 Book Depository with free Shipping

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