Touch The Toes: eco-conscious yoga apparel that is kind to the planet

Touch The Toes is the beautiful brainchild of three powerful women – Eliza, Kelly, and Wuen. With a collective vision and a combination of creative, logical, and innovative qualities, they sought out to start this eco-conscious brand.

Connecting yoga and the planet

In 2011, Singapore’s (and Asia’s!) first ecoyoga and pilates store was born. As yoga often abides by the philosophy of Zen, the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, and living a spiritual, natural life, it makes sense for an activewear store like this one to abide by the same. Touch The Toes seeks to protect the planet while offering sustainable, ethical, affordable, and comfortable apparel and accessories to the Singapore Yoga community.

Their one-stop-shop includes a range of high-quality yoga brands like Jade Yoga, Rumi Earth, and Yogavated that practice ethical and sustainable business. Their stock includes environmentally-friendly yoga props like cork blocks, cushions, straps, and bolsters and bags, water bottles, and mat carriers, as well as clothing made from organic cotton, recycled and upcycled materials, and bamboo blends. However, the real star of the show is their yoga mats – a variety of yoga and meditation pads and mats that are all made with sustainable materials using sustainable practices. The Jade Voyager is one of them, known as the lightest foldable yoga mat in the market that is portable and made with natural rubber from rubber trees.

Eco-conscious lifestyles

The Jade brand also plants a tree for every mat sold, so you can add to over two million trees planted so far. Touch The Toes continuously ties their work to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, focusing on supporting zero poverty, climate action, and responsible consumption.

In 2017, they introduced a studio space where they hold yoga and green workshops for the community to educate people to live a more conscious lifestyle. Wuen expressed the importance of translating the values of community and living with heart and soul into Touch The Toes in her interview with Eliza for GITNB Extra. Supporting this, Eliza states, “Choosing local is the best way for the environment but also to support the community in Singapore.” They want people to stray away from the modern world’s obsession with fast fashion and it’s harmful manufacturing processes, and be conscious consumers that opt for sustainable gear and apparel.

Touch The Toes’ primary goal is to reduce their impact on the environment and give power to the people by ensuring the welfare of workers. The company has only continued to grow year after year because of what they stand for, and because of the ever booming interest in the ecoconscious, green lifestyle. Visit their online store at or walk into their brick and mortar store on Arab Street to discover the joys of affordable, high quality, and environmentally-friendly yoga and pilates gear.



Address: 107 North Bridge Road, 02-18, 179105 and 1 Scotts Road, Level 2, 228208.

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