Three Blue Ducks, Bronte: sustainable, ethical food, cooked from the heart

This marvelous restaurant started with three great mates who wanted to bring sustainability to the table. Their journey started in the idyllic location of Bronte where you can feel the coastal breeze as you enjoy their delicious food with a rustic flair.

Where it all started

If you’re keen for a relaxing place to wine and dine in Bronte, look no further than Three Blue Ducks. As you enter you will be welcomed with funky street art wall features, home-made wood furniture and a smile, making it feel like you have walked into a family home. The restaurant is spread out over two spaces separated by a little alleyway leading to its own backyard kitchen. Here you will find seasonal herbs, vegetables, banana trees, chickens, a beehive and the ethos behind the restaurant.

The mates, now six of them, wanted to bring good, sustainable, ethical food to people around them. Hence they created Three Blue Ducks to do just that and now, here, you can find simply cooked sustainable food that tastes great.

Sustainable ideas in the restaurant and at home

Three Blue Ducks “[encourages] you to grow what you can, buy food mindfully, buy it locally, cook it thoughtfully and waste nothing where you can”. They demonstrate this ethos in their restaurant where you will find them using local, seasonal produce which has been cooked thoughtfully. The restaurant works with a vast range of local suppliers including Jilly Wines, Evan’s Edible Ecology and Single O coffee. Each has been chosen for their shared eco ethos with Three Blue Ducks. The restaurant minimises waste by using whole vegetables, from the leaves to the stalks, as well as opting to use secondary cuts of meat.

When choosing ingredients, it’s not only about how local the produce is but also the farming practices. Three Blue Ducks carefully considers each ingredient and focuses on providing free-range, GMO-free, organic produce where possible. They also opt for grass/grain fed beef as well as line-caught or farmed fish. These sustainable and ethical choices are not only good for you to eat but good for the planet.

The Three Blue Ducks also encourages you to take ideas home and use them in your own kitchen. They provide a variety of mouth-watering healthy and sustainable recipes on their website as well as offering a Ducks produce box. Each box is filled with essential delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables. You also have the option to add scrumptious sourdough bread, local eggs and if you’re feeling cheeky, even some alcohol.

What’s on offer

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves up some tasty meals. For breakfast, you should try the harissa glazed pumpkin for something different. If you come in for lunch, you really can’t look past the crispy skin barramundi but make sure you get a side of duck fat potatoes, they are just too good not to have.

Feel free to bring the kids as the Three Blue Ducks has a Duckling menu with plenty of options for your fussy eaters. However, if you’re on a date and want to indulge, you should book the five-course tasting menu with optional paired wine. This way you will get to relax and unwind while trying a little bit of everything.

Three Blue Ducks has now grown to include two New South Wales sister restaurants in Bryon and Roseberry, as well as restaurants in Brisbane and Melbourne. No matter which one you try, you will get to enjoy ethically sourced food, cooked from the heart.



Address: 141/143 Macpherson St, Bronte NSW 2024


Sunday – Thursday | 7am – 2.30pm

Friday – Saturday | 7am – 9pm

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