The Sustainable Guides Christmas Series: Giving 2020 The Ending It Deserves

At Sustainable Guides, we believe that the perfect year to experiment with your Christmas traditions and opt for consideration over consumerism, is 2020. Here’s why.  

Right now, we lack all things ‘normal’ in our lives, and quite frankly as Christmas approaches, it  becomes more and more difficult to accept. This one won’t be the same. For many families, loved  ones living across oceans won’t make it home for the family festivities, Christmas parties will be  off the table, after work shopping trips with friends will be replaced with online ordering and computer screens might replace the presence of elderly relatives opting to stay safe in isolation. 

Kindness and the coronavirus  

At Sustainable Guides, we want to take this opportunity to lift Christmas spirits and encourage a  community-focused, kind and sustainable Christmas period. Looking at what has been happening  the last year, turning it on its head and using an optimistic lens, we think people have learned a  great deal from these recent months of ups and downs, rollercoaster rides and emotional turbulence. In 2020, we realised that humans are: 

– More resilient than we ever knew  

– Skilled at adapting  

– Inherently kind!  

This year, people took to their platforms to preach about the importance of buying from small  businesses; in the UK restaurants handed out free meals to underprivileged children; communities  pulled together to check on the elderly in their homes as they isolated; in Italy people put on  performances on rooftops to entertain city dwellers stuck inside their homes; in Canada people took to social media in a viral movement of ‘caremongering’; in Australia young people offered to  visit supermarkets for the elderly; in Germany cafes humorously ensured guests wear pool noodle hats in order to encourage social distancing; across the world businesses were quick to diversify and produce masks, hand sanitiser and ventilators. 

Rethinking sustainability  

Covid has also offered the world time for reflection and has helped people realise what is truly  important. With such a prominent interruption forced upon our economy and our everyday lives,  many people have taken time to breathe, considering what a better world might look like; the  ‘pause’ has provided an opportunity for a new beginning or a fresh start. On an individual level, some have realised their passions, learned a new skill or changed direction in their careers. 

On a broader scale, we’ve been given time to reflect on climate change and understand the real value of the environment and its vulnerable future, tightly wound with the quality of our own. With our new found covid resilience and togetherness, humanity has been handed an opportunity  to “build back better”. 

Sustainable Guides Christmas  

At Sustainable Guides, we usually put our heart and soul into showing travellers that where they  choose to put their money, has an enormous impact on people and the planet. This Christmas, we  want to encourage the same idea, but in a less mobile way!

So as Christmas approaches, with lots of things to buy and therefore with a great deal of  purchasing power in our hands, we want to encourage you to be conscious consumers. This includes thinking about people as well as the planet. After all, if there ever was a year to think outside the box, practice creativity and act with kindness, it’s this one. 

In the coming two weeks, we will offer advice in three categories, helping you make conscious  decisions at Christmas time. We will nudge you towards waste reduction, supporting local and ethical businesses and more broadly, choosing consciousness over consumerism. Our series will be compiled of the following topics: 

1. Conscious gifting  

2. Sustainable Christmas trees  

3. Eating and drinking for the planet

So keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming festive posts and help to give 2020 the kind and  compassionate ending it deserves!  

Do you accept the challenge? Tag us on instagram or use the hashtag #SustainableGuidesChristmas to spread the festive sustainability! 

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