The Summerhouse: dining in Singapore has never been so wholesome

High-quality produce that’s locally sourced, in-house edible gardens and great attention to detail, make The Summerhouse in Singapore a conscious-eater’s paradise.

Scandinavia in Singapore

Tucked away, just north of the city in leafy and luscious Seletar, lies The Summerhouse. Originally an old colonial bungalow, this unique dining destination offers a real ‘getaway’ feeling from the bustling Singapore city centre and whisks you away to the exquisite, green, English countryside. Modern European cuisine, served with a farm-to-table approach, is served on two levels; Wildseed cafe on ground level and The Summerhouse Dining Room on the second floor.

The chic colonial restaurant space upstairs has an overflowing bar table in the centre, and opens up to a balcony that looks out over the trees. Crisp white walls, wooden chairs and simple floral patterns excite the minimalist whilst also creating a notion of warmth and homeliness. Meanwhile downstairs at Wildseed, the stylish Scandinavian theme continues but with an array of flowers and house plants, creating the perfect coffee spot and hangout zone.

Image by: The Summerhouse

Futuristic alfresco dining

Also noteworthy about Singapore’s Summerhouse, is one of the newer editions: the Garden Domes. The establishment has three, nestled within the scattered twinkling lights and wild plants of the dreamy restaurant garden. Built with the Singapore heat in mind, the domes are the perfect place to dine with a group of your closest friends, or to indulge in a romantic meal with your partner. Your own little restaurant dome will keep you cool during long and lazy afternoon lunches, whilst it will also create the ultimate level of comfort and cosiness under the stars at night.

A moreish menu

Now for the important stuff: the food. The Summerhouse serves European food and bases its menus on seasonality and high-quality produce. Packed with simple yet fresh ingredients, the food is tasty and intensely satisfying. On The Summerhouse menu you’ll find dishes comprised of goats cheese, homemade butter, chunky fresh prawns, juicy green avocados, slow-cooked lamb, and endless other rich ingredients making the dishes full, bright and colourful, yet delectable and dainty. At Wildseed cafe, bar and bistro you’ll see sandwiches, fresh cakes and exquisite pastries, hearty brunches, and an abundance of creative smoothies, juices and cocktails. Freshly-brewed coffee will be waiting for you all day, and at night an ice-cold beer or a crisp white wine in the garden is also an option.

Image by: The Summerhouse

Sustainability and edible gardens

However, delicious dishes and creative cuisine isn’t enough to please hungry guests anymore, with sustainable dining on the rise and the curiosity of customers surrounding the sourcing of food becoming increasing important. Fortunately, The Summerhouse is aware of this, and it shows. The restaurant sources its vegetables and meat from nearby Singaporean and Malaysian growers and producers and works with local farm collectives. Other supplies include free-range Freedom Eggs, whilst seafood is obtained through work with a local Kelong (a traditional ocean fishing platform). If that wasn’t close enough to home, some of the food actually comes from The Summerhouse’s very own edible garden.

Curated by Edible Garden City, the edible garden at The Summerhouse was created to honour a movement in Singapore which encourages people to grown their own food and to ‘go back to basics’. Messages and morals surrounding connecting people to the land, ensuring food security, reducing food miles and thus doing your part to tackle global warming as well as eating healthy and organic food, are all central to this innovative yet simple movement spreading throughout the country. Resultantly, amongst your meal at The Summerhouse, you’ll find baby spinach, sweet potato leaves and fresh herbs plucked straight from the gardens, living up to the farm-to-table concept and giving a whole new meaning to freshness.

Image by: The Summerhouse

If you’re seeking tasty treats at some of Singapore’s most sustainable restaurants on your trip to the city-state, The Summerhouse should certainly be on your list. The beautiful gardens and stylish interiors do not only appear idyllic on the outside, but they conceal a deeper respect and appreciation for food and produce, which goes further than appearance and which only adds to the quality and taste of its cuisine.



Address: 3 Park Ln, Singapore 798387


Monday – Tuesday | Closed

Wednesday – Friday | 6 – 10pm

Saturday – Sunday | 11.30 – 3pm and 6 – 10pm

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