The Source Bulk Foods: A better way to shop for your health and the planet

A bulk food store with a focus on quality food, healthy options and zero waste.

Paul & Emma’s Story

Paul & Emma began their business journey in the beautiful town of Byron Bay, setting up a humble health food and fresh produce store called ‘Eden’s Landing’. Their family business supplied the Byron Shire with healthy, wholesome food choices ranging from freshly squeezed juices to health food products. Whilst the business proved to be rewarding andjoyful a common problem was emerging through their stockist’s products and that was excessive packaging. Armed with a sense of determination and a belief that there must be a better way, the Source Bulk Foods was born. Created in 2012 the idea stemmed from a desire to provide customers with easier access to unpackaged food items with a reduced carbonfootprint. Today the Source Bulk Foods is Australia’s largest specialised bulk food retailer with stores all around Australia as well as various international destinations.

The Heart of the business

Every Source Bulk Food store is owned and run by a family that hold shared values in providing high quality, wholesome foods without the waste. This commitment to waste minimisation is central to the business with produce locally sourced, a plastic bag free policy and encouragement for customers to bring their own bags and bottles to refill. The aim of theconcept is to educate consumers to be mindful of their actions and to rethink the way they shop, reuse and recycle. This also extends so far as to encourage and educate their stockists to reduce their use of plastic. In-fact they even have a dedicated team member that identifies on a line by line basis how every product is delivered so that they can provide a plastic free supply from harvest to home!

Community Values

What makes the Source Bulk Food business special apart from their fantastic sustainability commitments, is the way they view each and every one of their stores. Each store is thought of as an opportunity to impart a positive impact within the local community. This can be seen through their engagement and education surrounding reducing single use plastics with local schools, councils and community groups. On top of this they also support a range of eco- projects and allocate sale proceeds of their “Bush Tucker” range to support the Watarrka Foundation, that supports children of the outback.

Food for thought

So what kind of foods can you expect to find at the Source Bulk Foods? They have a huge range of products such as beans, pulses, oils, seeds, household items, soaps and even delicious snack options like protein balls and date squares. If you follow a particular diet and are wanting to source vegan, paleo, dairy free or organic options the Source Bulk Foods has you covered. Along with their health focused food range they also employ a team of naturopaths, nutritionists and passionate cooks that are on hand to share their knowledge and provide healthy strategies.

So if you are loving the ethos behind the Source Bulk Food business definitely put them on your must visit list. They boast a range of stores throughout Australia and Sydney-siders can catch them in Balmain for all their food and household needs.



Address: The Source boasts numerous stores throughout Australia, so visit their website for your nearest location.


Monday – Friday | 9am – 6pm

Saturday – Sunday | 9am – 5pm

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