The Grounds at Alexandria: home to revolutionary coffee, wholesome food and herb gardens

A natural haven in the city

Walking into The Grounds in Alexandria, guests will find themselves immersed in a lively atmosphere and a little bit of magic. The Grounds itself was initially imagined and then designed in order to provide city-dwellers with a place to escape from their crazy lives. Contrasting the fast-paced world outside, The Grounds offers visitors a little escape to the countryside, offering a farm-like, rustic backdrop throughout the day.

Having said that, The Grounds at Alexandria is still pretty elegant and modern. You can think of the place as a little village. The cafe, garden, on-site florist, atrium, bakery and local market stands all make for a community feel. Meanwhile, a mini petting zoo featuring a goat and some chickens make the setting ideal for families with kids. You could spend quite some time here, and it’s highly encouraged.

Credit: The Grounds

Something for everyone

What is so delightful at The Grounds is the variety of customers; anyone is welcome. The cafe used by business people during the week becomes family oriented at the weekends. Spirited and energetic, The Grounds of Alexandria Cafe offers guests the opportunity to socialise with the company of world-class coffee and wholesome food. The menu is seasonal, allowing for a tasty menu which is always utterly fresh. Freshly roasted Seasonal Blend and Single Origin coffee served up by well-trained baristas using top of the range espresso filter technology will knock your socks off.

Meanwhile, the Potting Shed offers a cosy space for socialising and sipping on a few cocktails. Eat, drink and relax at the Potting Shed amongst the slightly industrial yet exquisite decor consisting of hanging plants, timber beams and brick walls. Grab yourself a craft beer, local wine or creatively crafted cocktail here. Nibbles are available for drinkers, whilst full-blown three-course meals are also on the menu.

Credit: The Grounds

The Garden outside offers a beautiful family-friendly setting, but can also be hired for events and weddings. You will feel re-connected to nature at The Ground’s garden area. Bougainvilleas decorate the setting, meanwhile a vegetable garden bursting with herbs, edible flowers and lemons, adds a farm-to-table element. A selection of juices and smoothies as well as take-away food, and pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven are welcoming sites and might just tempt you to grab something on your way out. Lighter lunches such as salads, bowls and wraps are equally delicious and always fresh.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Bakery & Patisserie here either. Experience the bakers as they work on creating wholesome sourdough loaves and see pastry chefs putting together delectable and dainty pastries. Flours and seeds used in the bread here are hand-milled on site and are sourced locally. In some cases, where bread is influenced by international baking, flour is sourced from abroad. There is an emphasis on the cultural aspect of bread and a range of different loaves are crafted using different methods.

Agriculture and coffee

With an organic herb and vegetable garden, seasonal menus, and mindful sourcing practices through the purchase of local ingredients – as well as the use of eggs from on-site chickens – The Grounds of Alexandria gives visitors a glimpse of farm-to-table dining. Yet there are other environmental morals at The Grounds.

Credit: The Grounds

Of note, the cafe has chosen to source its coffee in a way which brings attention to current issues surrounding the environmental and social impacts of coffee consumption. At the Grounds, it is believed that through working with more progressive coffee farmers, positive solutions for both humans and the land can result. One of The Grounds’ chosen coffee suppliers is in Colombia. In the region, local farmers have come together to share organic fertilisers made from the pulp of their produce. Resultantly, the quality of produce in the region is increasing.

By maintaining a close relationship with producers in Colombia, The Grounds ensures they know where their coffee comes from and understands the kind of hard work that goes into making perfect coffee. The result of this kind of thoughtful sourcing: specialised coffee with great taste and high standards in responsible consumption.

When wandering the streets of Sydney next, and in search of a coffee, don’t pass by the opportunity to grab a cup from The Grounds. Expressing – and built upon – high standards in sourcing, a coffee or a nibble from here will not only taste gorgeous but it will exude health and honesty.

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