The Green Collective: Singapore’s one-stop shop for sustainable brands

A one-stop shop for all things sustainable; The Green Collective has everything you could possibly need to go plastic-free, eco-friendly and zero waste. From wine to swimwear to reusable containers, you can find absolutely everything you need at this eco lifestyle store. 

Heaven for conscious consumers

While it is laid out like any other department store, The Green Collective is anything but. Home to a rotating roster of locally grown sustainable brands, customers can browse through aisles and aisles of products that help people make greener lifestyle choices. 

A brainchild of some of Singapore’s most dedicated sustainable figures, the Green Collective was set up to encourage and grow smaller local sustainable businesses, whilst also providing an easily accessible platform for consumers to purchase sustainable goods. 

“We wanted to take action and show that [the sustainability] sector can grow and make money, and that there is a demand for [eco] products…Our genesis was to focus on getting Singaporeans to adopt [sustainability] as a lifestyle, so we work primarily with local brands and movements,” said Mayur Singh, one of the co-founders of The Green Collective. 

“90 to 95 percent of our customers are Singaporean and that’s what we intended to do – to get locals to buy from local brands and to start a discussion on sustainability here in Singapore,” said Mr. Singh. 

From fashion to cookies

The store is divided into four sections – apparel, food, wellness and home. The apparel section, which is one of the biggest sectors in the store, feature not only local but regional brands too. Check out August Society, a sustainable swimwear brand which sells a variety of bathing suits made from recycled polyester and plastic waste. You can get classic wardrobe staples from Zhai Eco, a vegan retailer that uses bamboo and linen, among many other sustainable fabrics. Or you can even buy one-of-a-kind pieces that feature heritage and artisan prints from rural Asian textile communities from MATTER. 

The Collective’s food section is a recent addition, that sells everything from honey to wine. Havalina recently joined the roster with their wine served in a reusable and sustainably made pouch. If you’re feel like grabbing a snack, try some of Bakening’s vegan and paleo cookies. 

Considerably the store’s most popular sector, the wellness section sells an array of products. Ranging from menstrual cups to reusable containers, you’ll find all your daily needs right here. The Period Co sells one of the most popular products in the whole store – reusable menstrual cups. You can even find some shampoo and conditioner bars offered by Himmel Blue. Grab some essential reusable straws and utensils by The Bamboo Straw Girl. 

Brands like Home With Annette, that feature sustainably made beddings and home wear, can be found in the store’s home section. You can even purchase handmade and regionally designed crockery from Green Gaea. 

A store with a mission

The Green Collective currently features 50 brands, all of which have an amazing mission and story. Following the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Collective ensures that they are taking action towards the cause with every brand they feature. 

Beyond retailers, the Collective also hosts a number of workshops and events to connect with the community and further promote the sustainable movement. 

Armed with the mission to promote conscious living, this store is definitely a game changer for Singapore’s sustainable scene. So, if you’re looking to go green, make sure to shop at The Green Collective. 



Address: 02-18, Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105


Monday – Sunday | 11am – 8pm

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