The Farm: an operational community farm

The Farm started with an aim to grow, feed and educate but their philosophy extends beyond just food, it’s about the broader community.

Credit: The Farm

Where it all began

As you wander the fields filled with food, flowers, animals, farmers and visitors you can’t help but feel connected to the land and the broader community. This sense of connectivity has not happened by mistake but has been purposefully created by Tom and Emma Lane, the owners of The Farm. With sustainability and community wellness front of mind, the visionaries set out with the mission to create a communal farm where the focus is on nourishing your physical self, your soul and the land of which we live on.

Tom and Emma slowly grew their business and their team to include knowledgeable farmers and partners who helped shaped The Farm into the thriving community hub you see today.

What you can see and do

The Farm grows an abundance of fruit and vegetables but is also home to heritage pigs, Scottish Highland cattle and chickens who roam freely within the 80-acre property. With a paddock to table ethos, the livestock produce eggs and meat which is used in the Produce Store and restaurant. You might also see a sheep named Silence who is best mates with a Scottish Highlander named Braveheart. In amongst all that, you will likely meet the resident rooster called Bobby who likes to join in with any celebration.

Credit: The Farm

As well as numerous plant and animal species, The Farm is also home to a few microbusinesses who work together as a community on the farm. These businesses include the Produce Store, The Bread Social, Baylato the Gelato Store, The Garden Shed and the Byron Bay Three Blue Ducks Restaurant which has been previously highlighted by Sustainable Guides.

The Farm and these microbusinesses also run a variety of workshops for adults and children so everyone can learn something new. For example, The Farm has created an educational horseback tour of the farm which gives you a great look behind the scenes and lets you in on some of their environmentally conscious farming tips. The Garden Shed also runs workshops about anything and everything to do with gardening, including how to create rich soil and even floral design and botanical crafts. Check out The Farm website to see all the latest workshops and events.

Credit: The Farm

Sustainable practices

The Farm has undertaken numerous sustainable initiatives which align with their overarching philosophy and principles. Amazingly no sprays or chemicals are used within the farm. All the animals can almost be classified as free-range with the chickens and cattle having access to lots of fresh grass to graze upon while the pigs make their home in the paddocks and eat a mixture of grains, legumes, grasses, vegetable scraps, cracked eggs and buttermilk. These methods of grazing and feeding ensure healthy soil for future planting, minimal food wastage, good animal welfare and therefore deliciously tasting food.

However, The Farm has taken its sustainable principles beyond the environmental and agricultural and also focuses on broader issues of social and economic sustainability by giving to and supporting numerous charities. One of the charities that The Farm supports is the Northern River Community Foundation (NRCF). At The Farm you will find a wishing well which visitors can donate money to and the money raised is given back to NRCF. The Farm has also donated some agricultural land to Liberation Larder who now grow food and provide meals for the surrounding struggling local community. Other charity partners include the Green Army and Fergus and Delilah.

Credit: The Farm

The Farm is a great place for the whole family to learn about agriculture, food and wellbeing. If you come for a meal, take a farm tour or maybe just come to pick up some freshly baked bread, you will see how the community is working together to create a more sustainable future.



Address: 11 Ewingsdale Rd, Ewingsdale NSW 2481


Monday – Thursday | 7am-4pm
Friday – Sunday | 7am-10pm
Please visit the website for details regarding farm tours and microbusiness opening hours

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