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There is something so awe-inspiring about visiting a Museum. Maybe it is the wonder of memories past from childhood school excursions, where you never failed to walk away with a head full of stories and new knowledge. Maybe it is the sheer amazement of being able to see artefacts from generations past, restored and visible before your very own eyes. Maybe it is the feeling of being so small in comparison to everything around you and knowing that there is a whole world of discovery at your fingertips. Whatever it is that makes museums so special the Australian Museum is absolutely no exception.

Credit: The Australian Museum

Established in 1827, Australia’s first museum housed it’s first collection in various buildings around Sydney before a dedicated museum was built and open to the public in 1857. From humble beginnings the museum has grown extensively to accommodate the demands of new exhibitions and facilities. Today not only is a $57.5 million refurbishment taking place but the museum prides itself on being an industry leader in education and research.

Roots in Research

The museum houses the Australian Museum Research Institute which employs a team of 70 staff members and hosts numerous national and international researchers every year. Key research focuses of the museum includes climate change, the identification of environmentally devastating pests and biodiversity conservation. The Australian Museum also established a research station on Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef for the purpose of coral reef research and education.

Credit: The Australian Museum

Climate Change

The Australian Museum is deeply committed to combatting climate change through raising awareness of the situation, it’s impact and solutions. The work that the museum does is informed by their expert scientists that look at the approaches taken by the First Nations to care for the Country as well as biodiversity on a global scale. Some examples of the museum’s offerings in regards to climate change include providing education programs to schools and community outreach programs for the public. The public are also able to attend various workshops, talks and film screenings held throughout the year as well as gain access to information through podcasts, vlogs and blogs. A new interactive exhibition called “Climate Change in Australia” is also in development and will launch in Spring 2020.

Credit: The Australian Museum

Building a Better Museum

The Australian Museum is currently undertaking a major renovation in order to significantly expand their offerings. The Museum is currently the custodian of over 20,000 cultural objects relating to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander history and thousands from across the Pacific Islands. This refurbishment will create new education facilities, a second café, museum shop and the space and prestige to be able to house and attract major international touring exhibitions.

Credit: The Australian Museum

So if you are looking to spend a perfect day exploring the city of Sydney make sure you include a visit to the Australian Museum. Located opposite St Mary’s Cathedral you can easily combine a visit with exploring Hyde Park, the Art Gallery or the numerous restaurants nearby. Not only will you walk away with increased knowledge and respect for the world around you but you will also help to support an amazing organisation leading the fight in the war against climate change.



Address: 1 William Street Sydney NSW 2000


Monday – Sunday | 10am – 5pm

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