Tasty no-fuss food, mindfully sourced: Three Blue Ducks is a restaurant built upon an ethical dream

Locally and ethically sourced sustainable produce, and an entrenched love and passion for food come together seamlessly to manifest the essence and ethos of this Byron Bay restaurant.

The essence and ethos

Kids running wild across the farmlands, the sun beating down, a beer in hand and the smell of food roasting on a barbecue. This was always the dream of founders at Three Blue Ducks, who have sought to create a space sprouting and thriving from the most simple of pleasures in life. Originally created by three friends (or ‘Ducks’), the Byron Bay Restaurant is now owned and run by five friends along with their partners and kids. In line with the vision of founders, upon a visit to Three Blue Ducks, expect floral shirts, bare feet and honest, hearty food.

Fittingly, the restaurant is set on an 80-acre large organic Macadamia Orchard and farm, in the most stunning of settings with a backdrop of the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse. Indoors, rustic charm in the form of a barn, but lifted with a modern and chic twist keeps things intimate and homey. Similarly, the Produce Store – where you can grab a coffee after a long lazy lunch – offers the same countrified feel and stocks a variety of deli items as well as fresh produce sourced from the surrounding area.

Food at Three Blue Ducks

Of course the ultimate showstopper at Three Blue Ducks is neither the gorgeous countryside surroundings or friendly and hospitable vibes, but the divinely wholesome food on offer. Open for brekkie, lunch and dinner, Three Blue Ducks conjures up contemporary Australian cuisine with a focus on delicious local produce. On a Sunday, a mouth-watering roast is a must and there is an awesome vegan option too.

The lunch menu comprised of tasty small plates such as ‘Harissa pumpkin, pepita cream and citrus’ and ‘Burrata, beetroot, watermelon radish and herb oil’ will reveal to you its creativity and flavour, and allows for some serious early afternoon nibbling. In the evening, opt for ‘Farm green vegetable curry, ginger, coconut, tatsoi, curry leaves with brown rice’ or the ‘Market fish of the day, XO greens and charred onion soubise’. Food at Three Blue Ducks is mouth-wateringly real and intensely fresh. Plus, whilst it’s super easy to dine vegan or vegetarian, meat eaters will also be utterly spoiled.

Farm-to-table dining in Byron Bay

Find a spot you like in the grass somewhere throughout the organic Macadamia Orchard and lay out your picnic rug; you can also grab a house made picnic hamper from Three Blue Ducks and feast at your own leisure. Brimming with sweets, dried fruits, nuts, berries as well as delectable cheeses, charcuteries and fresh breads, you can soak up the gorgeous surroundings whilst you snack. With a farm trail that leads you through the fields and orchards, you can wander around the grounds before you leave.

The group’s original restaurant was established in Bronte, yet with such ambition and success in their mission, further venues have opened in recent years. Whilst locations and styles might differ, a firmly rooted and authentic philosophy is consistent. With local and ethically sourced produce at the heart of the restaurant’s ethos, Three Blue Ducks is a frontrunner in conscious consumption in Byron Bay. The reputable restaurant works closely with local farms and growers, and sources produce within a distance from southern Queensland as far as Port Macquarie. Having said that, most produce is more local, with much of it growing on the lands upon which the restaurants rests, at ‘The Farm’. What’s more, the honest ethos extends further to ensure that produce is exclusively spray free and organic.

Yet at Three Blue Ducks, it’s not only about using top notch produce but actually teaching a little about the sustainable message hiding behind the world of food. Having diners devour tasty dishes comprised of elements grown only metres away, creates an effective farm-to-table message. Quite simply, it gets people to ask where their food comes from. And if guests are able to walk away from the Byron Bay restaurant nourished and with a better sense of what mindful food sourcing looks like, its a win.

Aesthetically beautiful surroundings and morally honest food can be found at Three Blue Ducks. And that’s exactly where the sustainability message at this restaurant lies; at the connection between land and food. This Byron Bay restaurant is the true embodiment of an honest and ethical farm-to-table philosophy. Pop by during your trip and visit the most sustainable of restaurants in Byron Bay.

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