Tangalooma Island Resort: an idyllic island escape

Located on the picturesque Moreton Island is Tangalooma Island Resort. This is the perfect place for a holiday escape, right on Brisbane’s doorstep.

Tangalooma Island Resort offers you the chance to escape to a tropical island. Here you can stroll through almost pure white sand with an abundance of native wildlife flying and swimming around you.

Operating on a protected environment

Tangalooma Island Resort is the main accommodation provider on Morten Island and undertakes numerous sustainable actions to help protect the stunning natural environment. The resort is positioned between two protected environments Moreton Bay Marine Park and Moreton Island National Park. These environments are home to a large range of endangered and precious animals including dolphins, dugongs, whales, turtles, rays and a huge variety of marine bird species. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the surrounding environments are protected and conserved.

Sustainability actions

To ensure protection and conservation, Tangalooma Island Resort takes sustainability seriously. Firstly, they have created and committed to an Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy. This policy focuses on improving environmental, economic and social sustainability for the resort and broader Moreton Bay Region. To achieve this the resort has taken serious actions. These include monitoring and trying to minimise waste, energy and water consumption, recycling wherever possible, not using plastic straws or bags, conducting educational tours and monitoring and maintaining the natural environment such as cane toad and seagrass monitoring.

The resort also endorses the non-for-profit Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation which engages the broader community to help protect the beautiful Moreton Bay marine life. Due to their hard work and dedication to sustainability and environmental protection, Tangalooma Island Resort has received Silver Certification for Earth Check in 2020. Earth Check recognises and helps businesses like Tangalooma Island Resort to be an industry leader and strive to be more sustainable. The team here are constantly trying to improve their conservation efforts and sustainability actions. One of the ways the resort helps conversation is through their Eco Centre.

Things to do at the resort

The Eco Centre at Tangalooma Island Resort offers a variety of tours and presentations to help teach guests about the surrounding ecosystems and conservation. The centre operates a Kookaburra feeding presentation, a talk about the old whaling station and a pelican feeding and sea bird talk which are all very educational and fun for the whole family. However, the most iconic experience at Tangalooma Resort is the sustainable dolphin feeding, where guests can get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. The resort has taken strict measures to ensure this is safe and sustainable for both the guests and the dolphins.

Things to do around the island

Around the island, there are heaps more fun activities to do and see. If you keen to get on the water check out the shipwrecks which have turned into an amazing spot to snorkel or scuba dive. On dry land,

you can book the ATV Quad Bike Tour of the Island, Sand Tobogganing or for something more relaxing check-in for a massage at the Massage Hut and Beauty Room. During the winter and spring months, you can also book whale watching. No matter when you come to Tangalooma Island Resort you will be astonished by the pristine natural environment and conversation efforts that help keep this protected island safe and beautiful.


Tangalooma Boat Transfers and Day Cruises all depart from the Tangalooma Wharf located at 220 Holt Street, Pinkenba QLD 4008 (Brisbane Wharf).

Website:: www.tangalooma.com

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