Sydney Vegan Market: your number one spot for a guilt-free day out

Wander the aisles of Sydney’s most environmentally conscious market and get carried away with the spirited atmosphere. Try tasty vegan dishes from all over the world, pick up some art and fashion, and listen to live music amongst the hustle and bustle.

More than your average market

Sydney Vegan Market is not just a market – it’s an experience. For those with a plant- based diet, this will without a doubt be your favourite spot in Sydney. Meanwhile, anyone open to indulging in divine food will revel in the sheer choice of cuisine and flavours here. Granted, Sydney Vegan Market is a place to eat, drink and shop, but its much more than that.

Credit: Milo Jones

Open on the third Sunday of every month, Sydney Vegan Market is located in The Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park. Sheltered under the canopy of the open-air market, find over 100 stalls packed with fresh food and beverages, homewares, fashion and clothing, arts and crafts, cosmetics and more. Thousands of people (and four-legged friends) who pack into the location each month create a fantastic and thriving atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. The air is filled with community vibes and teeming with passion at Sydney Vegan Market; it’s a thriving celebration of all things plant-based and cruelty-free.

However, at this vegan heaven-on-earth there’s much more to do than just buy and consume. Live music fills the air with vibrancy as you walk around and yoga or pilates classes, by donation, provide you with the option for some rejuvenating morning exercise. Tent Talks and Earthlings Collective main stage, offer local vegan businesses an opportunity to stand under the spotlight. Discussion, openness and creativity is the theme here. Listen to passionate entrepreneurs and business owners speak about their projects in the realm of ethical living and revel in the celebration of vegan innovation. Get inspired and take away not only a sugary doughnut for later, but some plant-based inspiration.

Credit: Milo Jones

Plant-based food

Of course the star of the show at the market is the food, and the fragrant waft of cuisine from all corners of the world will lure just about anyone in. This market might be vegan but we assure you; you’ll find their favourite dish here. Thai stir-fry made with crispy tofu, flaky vegan sausage rolls, ‘chicken’ souvlaki lathered in garlic, dainty plant-based sushi and crispy arancini balls will have you spoiled for choice and in a real quandary when it comes to committing to a decision. Exquisite cakes topped with vegan cream, cinnamon rolls, sourdough donuts, delectable citrus tarts and fresh fruit salads make choosing a desert even more difficult. Stay for a while to get the most out of your experience. You simply can’t just try one dish.

Credit: Milo Jones

Other sustainability initiatives

Stalls across the vast market each month include those selling vegan leather, crafts made of recycled glass and natural skincare. However, aside from the products on offer, Sydney Vegan Market also tries its best to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the way it is run. For example, in order to shop you’ll need BYO cups, containers, cutlery and non-plastic bags to ensure minimal waste of single-use plastic. Feel free to bring your own metal straws if you plan on grabbing an iced coffee or bubble tea. What’s more, new composting bins on site which can be identified by green covers, allow for the compositing of organic waste as well as cardboard and bio-plastics. Compost collected each month will be taken and turned into soil.

Credit: Milo Jones

If you’re vegan and prefer a plant-based diet this is your vegan Mecca in Australia. If you’re not vegan, Sydney Vegan Market will open your eyes to some delicious new flavours and will offer you cruelty-free versions of traditional meals and classics from across the world. Give it a go. This is not just a market but a day out, a learning opportunity and quite simply an exciting urban foodie experience to enhance your trip to Sydney.

Currently on hold due to COVID, Sydney Vegan Market has an online marketplace for those who just can’t wait! Check it out here.



Address: The Market EQ, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021


Currently on hold due to COVID

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