Sustainable Guides Card Game


Thank you for picking up the Sustainable Guides Card Game. This game was made with one very clear intention; to spark important conversations about travel. We can’t wait for you to get stuck in. 

Travel as we know it today is, in many ways, a destructive act. As we wander through destinations we take more than we give back, environmentally but also socially. Excited by the feeling of escape that a holiday brings us we often leave some of our values at home. 

Buying countless plastic water bottles, photographing people without consent, visiting questionable animal attractions and haggling relentlessly for a matter of cents are only a few examples of this change in mindset. What makes our ‘holiday mode’ problematic is that we don’t always stop to reflect on what we are doing.

At Sustainable Guides we know that all it takes to change our travel behaviour is gentle nudge, a kind reminder; “Do as you would at home!” As we travel, we should treat others like they’re our neighbours, treat our surroundings like our own backyard, respect cultures as if they are our own. 

We believe in the good of mankind and the potentially advantageous impacts of travel. Let’s turn travel on its head. From negative to positive, from mindless to mindful, the Sustainable Guides Card Game was made for you, the sustainable traveller. 

Sustainable Guides is proud to present you with the gift of inspiring conversation. Enjoy!


Who is this game for?

The Sustainable Guides Card Game is for anyone looking to open their minds and connect with people on a deeper level. Solo-travellers, travel fanatics, families, couples, groups of friends, the eco-curious, environmental warriors and conscious consumers, this game is for you!

The Rules

You might be glad to hear that the Sustainable Guides Card Game has very few rules. For the competitive among us, we’re sorry, but there is no victorious moment coming your way nor a medal to be won. Your win with the Sustainable Guides Card Game comes in the form of gaining a deeper understanding of other players, learning from them and opening your mind!

All you have to do is put the stack of cards in the middle of the table and take it in turns to pick one up. After answering the question on the card, put the card down in a separate pile. It’s as simple as that!

There are however two different ways to play, and we talk about these below.

Just a regular day

It’s a Friday evening and you’ve gathered with friends or family after work. Bring along your Sustainable Guides Card Game, put the stack in the middle of the table and each take it in turns to pick up a card. Tonight is all about sharing memories, learning more about each other and about the world. It’s as simple as that. However, any Research Cards that you come across, you may want to disregard.


During, on the way to, or just before a trip

In your pack of cards you will find a small selection of Research Cards. Research Cards offer fun and unique ways to explore a destination. They help you get out there into the field where you can practice new sustainable travel methods. They help you do your research and answer the question: “How can I be a more sustainable traveller?”.

If you’re on a trip, sat next to your partner on the plane, or playing with a group of friends just before you embark on an adventure, keep these cards in the stack. During your game, you’ll likely come across a few Research Cards. Players who receive one of these cards during a game should read them out loud. As they come up, decide whether or not to use them during your trip. Intrigued by your Research Card? Great!  You’ve got research to do.

Ready, set, converse!

Sit back, get comfortable, open your mind and get ready to play the Sustainable Guides Card Game.

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