Style Tribute: the luxury reselling platform for eco-friendly consumers

Meet Style Tribute. A high end fashion reseller, Style Tribute offers authenticated designer brands which are re-sold at an affordable price. 

Countless consumerism

How many of us can put our hands up and say that we are stuck in the never ending cycle of buying things and then throwing them away? Consumerism dictates that in order to BE more, we need to BUY more, and this has never been easier to do. From high street shopping to designer brands, many of us fumble our way through this cycle of consumerism without much thought for the environment. But what if there was a way of getting the same buzz we get from buying something new, without the detrimental effects this has on our environment? 

Another way to shop

Style Tribute is a high end fashion reseller, offering authenticated designer brands which are re-sold at an affordable price. Style Tribute has taken everything that Ebay have done so well to initiate, and given it a sophisticated makeover. International customers have the option of buying and selling designer brands through the company app or on their website, which is so sleek the items don’t even feel second hand. And if you find yourself in Singapore, why not treat yourself to a styling session at the Style Tribute headquarters? 

Eco-friendly fashion

Granted, it is difficult to create sustainable fashion, but Style Tribute is about as eco-friendly as it gets. As the fashion industry continues to grow exponentially, contributing to around 10% of our carbon emissions today, any opportunity to offset our carbon footprint comes as music to our ears. By reselling 1preowned items, Style Tribute ensures that fewer items end up in landfill, where they can take up to 200 years to decompose. Isn’t it baffling that a piece of synthetic fabric can be on this earth for longer than we are? What is more, as Style Tribute does not produce new items of clothing, they do not contribute to the huge amounts of water wasted in the manufacture of new clothes. 

Stephanie Crespin, Co-Founder and CEO of Style Tribute says “to date we have sold close to 100,000 luxury preloved items”. That is 100,000 items of clothing whose lives have been extended, thus reducing each of their carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30%. 

Supporting the circular economy

The resale of pre-loved clothes is integral to the concept of circular fashion. Every time we reach for our purse, we are voting for the future of our planet. By making more environmentally friendly decisions when shopping, we are decreasing the negative impact the fashion industry has on our environment. And we are also putting pressure on other fashion companies to improve their systems in order to cater for the new eco-conscious consumer. By re-homing existing products rather than re-making them, the consumer is able to refresh their wardrobe guilt-free.

For those of you who favour quality over quantity, buying designer brands may be preferable, but not economically viable. Style Tribute offers a service which is good for your pocket and for the environment. You have access to brands discounted by 90% of their retail price. Buyers get 14 days to return the item for free, just like the usual stores. Every item is carefully examined for authenticity, and priced based on a number of things such as the condition, the brand and the rarity of the piece. And the process of selling on their website couldn’t be easier.

If time isn’t on your side, the team offer a concierge pick up service directly from the comfort of your home (in Singapore and Malaysia only). They will take your product to their warehouse to be authenticated, photographed, then posted on their website. They will ship the item to its new home, and as the seller, you will receive up to 80% of the price it sells for. So for every chic woman who is Marie Kondo-ing their wardrobe, this is the place for you. And for anyone who is torn between updating their wardrobe regularly and the impact this has on the environment, bookmark the Style Tribute webpage, because you will be returning to it again and again. 



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