Sivatel Hotel: sustainable luxury in the heart of Bangkok

A gem among luxury hotels in Bangkok, the eco-friendly Sivatel Hotel successfully brings sustainability design and practices to the fore.

Environmental luxury

Sivatel Hotel Bangkok, a family-owned business passed down from generation to generation with a true passion for the environment, is a breath of fresh air in a tremendously polluted city. The piece of land where the hotel stands today has belonged to the Sivayathorn family for over half a century. It has gone from being a modest apartment block to one of the finest hotels in Southeast Asia.

This high-end lifestyle hotel boasts an exclusive location in the heart of the Ploenchit area, Bangkok’s central business district, within short walking distance of tourist sights and shopping malls. Each of the 75 elegant suites offers a breathtaking view of the city and facilities such as a rooftop infinity pool, a spa, and a steam room provide a fully luxurious guest experience.

Earth-friendly initiatives

For decades, the Sivayathorn family has been committed to incorporating sustainable practices into their business. Every effort is made to minimize the impact on the environment, while at the same time maintaining the high standard of luxury.

Sivatel provides its guests with eco-friendly products made from locally sourced natural ingredients, designed to benefit both people and the planet. All amenity containers and toiletry packaging are plastic-free and paper-free. Even laundry bags are recyclable.

The hotel’s poolside restaurant and cafe offer healthy local menus with organic fresh fruit and vegetables coming from local farms. The herbs are grown in the hotel’s own edible garden.

Sivatel Hotel Bangkok follows an elaborate sustainability strategy to control the environmental impact of the establishment. From minimizing the energy and water consumption to waste management, it strives to be environmentally friendly in every aspect of its operations.

The suites are equipped with LED light fixtures and appliances with the highest local efficiency standards. To reduce the water usage, faucet aerators and water-efficient showerheads are installed in all rooms. A non-irritating salt chlorination system regulates the swimming pool water for minimal environmental impact, while wastewater is being reused for plant watering.

Besides, Sivatel embraces an extensive waste management system with multiple steps taken to reduce and recycle waste. Another remarkable initiative is the participation in a local waste bank program where the hotel staff is given the possibility to return garbage at home in exchange for cash.

Socially responsible hospitality

At Sivatel Hotel, educating employees and encouraging their direct participation in environmental management plays an essential role in reducing the environmental impact.

The hotel also cooperates with local communities and supports their sustainability initiatives. All produce, for example, is sourced locally to support communities that work according to an environmental sustainability approach.

With its outstanding dedication to eco-friendly hospitality, Sivatel Hotel Bangkok serves as a shining example of how to successfully integrate green practices and luxury, without a need to compromise on style and comfort for sustainability.



Address: 53 Witthayu Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330

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