Floral Fantasy: where nature, art and environmental awareness work together

Discover the very best of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant flowering plants, at Gardens by the Bay’s condensed and captivating Floral Fantasy.

Nature’s beauty

Interlacing the worlds of art and nature, Floral Fantasy – Gardens by the Bay’s newest edition – is a dream-like, fantastical experience. Art has never been so glorious. Upon entering, you will be transported to another world, one bursting with vibrant colours and overflowing with the most beautiful elements of nature. Bright, multi-coloured canopies of flowers suspended above your head and arranged to absolute perfection, greet you as you begin your journey through Floral Fantasy. From beginning to end, your journey through this stunning Singapore attraction will be filled with all things flowers; and it’s spectacular.

A floral journey

Wandering beneath a floral canopy, your journey begins with the coming together of nature, art and technology in the first landscape: Dance. In this captivating segment, you’ll walk amongst a staggering 15,000 flowering plants, dangling, swaying, protruding out from the ground and suspended from above. Glance up to see an array of flower arrangements hanging upside down, bobbing gently in an up-and-down motion, bringing the display to life. Vibrant blooms such as gerberas, carnations, roses, statices and delphiniums steal the show here, lending not only their fantastic colours but also their sweet scents to the garden landscape.

Next, you’ll stumble upon the second garden landscape: Float. In contrast to Dance, this environment takes you to an open space containing a body of water. A stream trickles and meanders through grassy knolls, creating a calming sound and tranquil atmosphere. Over 2,500 flowering plants, some of which hang from floral chandeliers made of orchid and tillandsias, call this section of Floral Fantasy home.

Make your way through Float and you will approach the third section of Floral Fantasy: Waltz. Twisty trees and droopy branches, driftwood structures and waterfalls of flowers among cascading rocks give this section a real rainforest feel. A wonderful 300 species of orchids, all colours of the rainbow, emerge and bloom from all across this section of Floral Fantasy. Despite being extremely tiny, in Waltz you will spot the Poison Dart Frog with its luminous colours that sit upon its back. A four meter wide giant poison dart frog sculpture houses 36 of these tiny frogs which only reach two inches in size. Usually incredibly poisonous to touch, the Poison Dart Frog loses its toxicity when reared by humans, as it has a different diet to that of one in the wild.

Floral Fantasy, emphasises the beauty of these minuscule amphibians, and explains to visitors the extent to which human activity can destroy fragile ecosystems, therefore putting even the smallest of creatures at risk. At this point in your Floral Fantasy journey, you will begin to comprehend the worthy cause of this latest edition to Gardens by the Bay; the protection of our planet and its diminishing yet highly precious flora and fauna.

Finally, your attention is drawn to a rocky environment as you enter the cave-like space of Drift. Soft glowing lighting and numerous rock formations covered in moss, create a gloomy atmosphere with a stark contrast to the previous rainforest landscape.

Creativity at its finest

Despite this, fresh colours shine through the darkness in the form of more than 50 species of exotic South American orchids and 30 species of begonias and huperzias. Finish off your trip to Floral Fantasy by stepping into the theatre and experiencing nature through the perspective of a dragonfly. Diving in and out of plants and trees, you’ll take a trip through the air in this 4D simulated ride.

Floral Fantasy is without a doubt artistic and extremely creative. Aesthetically, the experience is phenomenal and the attention to detail is impressive. Housing more than 150 species of unique or rare plants from Ecuador, Japan and Madagascar, amongst others, the experience cleverly builds awareness in its visitors. In comparison to Flower Dome, a high-tech conservatory environment, comprised of an extensive collection of plants and flowers from all over the world, you can consider Floral Fantasy a condensed version.

Those who have a limited amount of time can visit Floral Fantasy for a glimpse of nature’s magic and a pinch of fantasy. Meticulously and extravagantly sculpted to catch the attention of even those without a keen interest in plants, Floral Fantasy does a fantastic job in bringing to the forefront the planet’s declining biodiversity and dire need for conservation. 


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Monday – Sunday | 9am – 9pm

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