Santos Organics: an organic food retailer and café where choices are powerful

Santos Organics inspires people to make the healthy, sustainable, ethical choice for themselves and their planet. With its charitable nature, this non-for-profit food retailer gives back to broader society and the environment.

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How it all started

In the early 1970s, the early Santos dream was born. It started in the back of a Holden Ute travelling
around Bryon Shire delivering organic wholefoods to environmentally conscious homes. To this day,
Santos still delivers these organic goods but in a much different setting. The established café and food
retailer is situated a short 10-minute walk back from Bryon Bay’s Main Beach and as soon as you enter
you know you’re not in an ordinary food store. You will be overwhelmed with the sights and smells of
fresh organic, ethical produce piled from floor or ceiling. No matter what you are after you will find it

Credit: Santos

Sustainability on and off the shelf

Each product that is stocked in Santos is specifically picked by an ethical researcher who bases their
product selection on a detailed Ethical Procurement Policy. These ethical guidelines outline that
products stocked should be organic and as local as possible with none of the food containing GMO’s nor palm oil. The stocked products are also free of any toxic additives or ingredients such as synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives or products made from or containing refined sugars, flours or other processed ingredients which may be considered harmful to health.

Santos also ensures that Australian organic goods and produce are stocked first and foremost with only minimal exceptions to NZ blueberries and kiwifruit as well as Asian coconuts. This ensures reduced food mileages and therefore greenhouse gas emissions. The store also works closely with suppliers to ensure minimal packaging. However, if packaging is needed, Santos ensures it is either biodegradable or compostable. By choosing these responsible options, Santos creates healthy communities and sustainable ecosystems.

Credit: Santos

But, this inspiring company is taking sustainability to the next level. Currently, Santos is run on
100% renewable energy and transitioning away from disposable takeaway cups. Their goal is to stretch
sustainability further than just their shop and to build a healthy and sustainable community. Santos is
now a registered environmental charity and is a non-for-profit food retailer and a social enterprise with
profits from every purchase helping to fund social and environmental projects.

A social enterprise

Team members here at Santos go above and beyond, donating 1% of their wage per week to the grant
scheme. The total amount is matched by Santos and donated to chosen charities. In the Summer
bushfire season in 2019/2020, we saw devastating bushfires ravage Australia. So, in the year 2020
Santos has decided to be a part of the solution with all grants going towards natural environmental
recovery efforts. One grant was given to ReForest Now who aims to plant 10,000 trees within the
ecologically important region of Wanganui. Santos has also pledged another donation to Friends of the
Koala which helps conserve koalas and their natural habitats particularly in the Northern regions of New
South Wales. The other charity chosen was Daintree Lowlands to aim to protect and restore precious
rainforests, such as the unprotected biodiverse Daintree lowland rainforest.

Credit: Santos

In previous years Santos has contributed to various projects in a vast variety of fields. This includes
organisations in various farming, reforestation and renewable energy sectors as well charities such as
Sea Shepherd, Hope for Health, Future Dreamers, Surfers for Cetacean and Disabled Surfers Association.
Each of these donor recipients aims to improve a vast array of social and environmental activities from
the ocean to indigenous health. As well as these larger grants, Santos also donates various goods and
vouchers to other community activities such as school raffles.

This generosity shows that Santos helps countless social and environmental project intending to improve the world as we know it. Santos Organics is not just about supplying the locals with wholefoods but reaching out and trying to improve the surrounding community and environment. You will find two other Santos Organic Stores located in Mullumbimby as well as in the Bryon Bay industrial estate.



Address: 105 Jonson St, Byron Bay, NSW 2481


Byron Bay Santos Organics Health Food Store 

Monday to Friday | 8:30am – 6pm 

Saturday | 8:30am – 5pm 

Sunday | 10am – 4pm 

Byron Bay Santos Organics Café 

Monday to Friday | 8:30am – 2:30pm 

Saturday | 8:30am – 2:30pm 

Sunday | 10am-2:30pm 

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