Saint Peter: taking a fin-to-fin approach to seafood

Here in the heart of the trendy suburb of Paddington in Sydney, a seafood restaurant making waves in the restaurant world is found. Dine at Saint Peter’s, and you will be blown away with the exquisitely prepared and cooked seafood. But more than just the prime fish fillets are found here; you will find the whole fish.

Credit: Saint Peter

Using the whole fish

Head chef and owner, Josh Niland, creates mouth-watering seafood dishes showcasing sustainable, seasonal Australian seafood. He aims to use the whole fish, ensuring maximin flavour and minimum waste. Nose-to-tail cooking has revolutionised the restaurant world by pushing chefs to think beyond the prime cuts and use as much as the animal as possible. Josh has pushed this boundary by taking it into the world of seafood, trying to use as much of the fish as possible.

One of the major issues with seafood restaurants is wastage. From a whole fish, most restaurants use 50% of the fish with 40% meat and 10% bones which most use to make stock. What most restaurants throw away, scales, blood, offal and the head, Josh has found a way to use. Executing techniques such as dry aging and pickling ensures at least a 90% yield.

Credit: Saint Peter

Seasonality is key

All the seafood you see on the menu at Saint Peter has been locally sourced, with the restaurant working closely with buyers and fisherman to bring in the best seasonal catch. Much like fruit and vegetables, seafood is also seasonal. Catching and using in-season seafood allows Josh to prepare and present the best possible dishes. Using seasonality to choose fish also means that guests will see some uncommon species on the menu. However, by opting for a diverse ranges of seafood species, sea stock levels are maintained and plus, you will get to try something you might not cook at home.

What you can eat

When you come for a meal you will find a variety of raw starters, such as Tathra Rock Oysters or live Purple Sea Urchin. For something a little different, you could have a selection of dry-aged, raw and pickled fish which will get your taste buds roaring. You could also choose from a selection of Fish Charcuterie, featuring pressed Coral Trout Head with quince and saffron jelly. Of course, you could have classic prawns to start or you could try the charcoal Garfish.

Credit: Saint Peter

For mains, why not choose the 14-day dry-aged Murray Cod which enhances the flavour of this beautiful fish. Or you could have half a charcoal Rock Flathead with a side of Pearl Oyster Mushrooms. To pair with your delectable dishes, select from a choice of beautiful Australian wines from just about every state. Just from browsing the menu, you see that none of the fish is wasted. Even in the desserts you will find a chocolate slice with Murray Cod fat caramel.

Award-winning fish

Josh has been recognised for his sustainable creations and thinking by making number one in Delicious Magazines top 100 restaurants, being award two hats from the Good Food Guide and making the shortlist for Ethical Thinking in the World Restaurant Awards.

When you come and try Saint Peter’s you will not only be amazed by the flavours, but you will leave with a new appreciation of seafood. Josh has paid his ingredients justice ensuring sustainable, local and seasonal produce is present in the best possible way, all whilst reducing waste.



Address: 362 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021


Wednesday – Saturday | 12pm – 1.30pm and 5.30pm – 9pm

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