Ruby Lane: where healthy lifestyles are made fun, social and sustainable

Located in Sydney’s northern beaches, two health-conscious cafes provide the local community with a big dose of vibrancy and well-being. And all this, built upon an underlying respect for the environment and future generations.

Health and community

With abundant yoga studios, meditation centres and gyms, and teeming with joggers and surfers, Sydney’s Northern Beaches has for a long time been an area centred on well-being. Thriving off of the community spirit and health-conscious atmosphere of the Northern Beaches area himself, Phil – the founder of Ruby Lane – considered that a healthy, community focused cafe in Manly seemed fitting. He was absolutely right. Phil plonked his first spirited cafe in Manly, built upon some very wholesome, somewhat traditional and very commendable values.

Ruby Lane cafe in Manly is a bustling spot, packed with people any day of the week. A sense of belonging and local community is infectious and creates a wonderfully friendly and traditional atmosphere. You might be in Sydney, but it feels as though you could be in a seaside village here. Built upon the idea that nourishing food can provide a central point for socialising and community, the cafe has a certain buzz to it. Nutrient-packed food is the star of the show at Ruby Lane. The menu is packed with local, seasonal ingredients, in line with a respect for produce and where it comes from. A dedication to nature is evident and everything on your plate screams freshness.

Food and its origin

In the world today, we may have a got a little lost when it comes to realising where our food comes from. However, at Ruby Lane this information is transparent and encourages some real reflection. By proudly and openly promoting local ingredients, Ruby Lane celebrates local farmers.

Yet although we seemed to have lost the connection between farm and plate, now more than ever, many of us want crave a return to traditional consumption. The question on our lips is; what are we eating? It is today rare to know where exactly the wheat for our bread was grown and from where the eggs on our sourdough were collected. Yet for health, environmental and societal reasons, this is increasingly important information if we are to be responsible and mindful consumers.

At Ruby Lane, the mindful ethos demonstrates to guests that it is possible to know from where your food originates. In the cafe’s own words, ‘you can know the baker, you can know where you get your honey from’. In fact, honey for the cafe is sourced from Elanora Heights, micro-herbs are sourced from Terrey Hills and shelves inside the onsite grocery store are teeming with sustainable produce from across New South Wales. Whether you’re after a hearty brunch or just an organic coffee, you can trust that everything you’re served up here is consciously sourced.

Sustainable practices

The environmentally friendly ethos doesn’t stop at food sourcing either. Winners of Sustainability, by Northern Beaches Local Business Awards in 2016, Ruby Lane goes further to maintain an eco- friendly attitude. In fact, founder Phil believes in the idea that we do not inherit the environment from our ancestors but rather borrow it from our children. Resultantly, Ruby Lane functions upon a number of eco-friendly initiatives.

Striving to work in harmony with the environment, the cafe encourages BYO cups by providing 20c discounts, returns all glass bottles and jars, and works to achieve as close to zero waste as possible in the kitchen. What food waste remains is either composted, or if of high enough quality, is given to Oz Harvest. In a recent effort to tackle the issue of food waste, Ruby Lane has introduced a type of worm farm, referred to as ‘hungry bins’. The unique shape of the bin allows for worms to access food scraps and break down food at a faster rate – ideal for a cafe thriving on food service. Finally, solar panels on the roof provide a renewable energy source for the establishment, reducing reliance on the grid and diminishing the cafe’s carbon footprint.

With a new location now up and running in Mona Vale Beach, a visit to Ruby Lane is even more possible during your Sydney trip. Drop by for brunch, grab a coffee, wander through the grocery store or check out their collection of retail including healthy cook books. If you’re lucky, you’ll be around for a workshop or event which might focus on mindfulness, nutrition, stress management or cooking.

A visit to Ruby Lane will satisfy all your foodie cravings and send you away feeling nourished. Yet on top of that, open yourself up in the conscious ethos, and you’ll also take away some health related motivation and a great deal of food for thought.



Address:  Shops 1&2, 200 Pittwater Road Manly, NSW and Shop 1, 5 Darley Street East Mona Vale, NSW


Mona Vale | 7am – 3pm everyday

Manly | 7am – 3pm everyday

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