Poison Ivy Bistro: A Farm to Table Mouthful

It is overwhelming to think that the welfare and survival of almost an entire nation is completely dependent on foreign produce and imported edibles. Singapore is probably one of the best examples of a country whose population has bet on what the offshore provides, importing more than 90% of the food they consume.

Despite the mainstream’s take on industrial development over agriculture, visionary couple Ivy Singh-Lim and Lim Ho Seng have chosen to voice food security and healthy eating instead. Having started their organic farm – Bollywood Veggies – as a retirement project back in 2000, their green venture soon evolved to incorporate the farm to table restaurant Poison Ivy Bistro.

If you are looking for a fresh eat that will leave your stomach full and taste buds overjoyed, this is surely your most ideal destination.

Cooling off in the lush

Unlike most dining options in the little red dot, at Poison Ivy you’ll get to sit back and unwind surrounded by greenery. With the outdoor sitting area facing the farm’s herb garden and the indoor air conditioned space featuring large windows to invite vegetation in, all there is left to do is to sip on one of their farm brew lemongrass, farm brew fig tea, or Thai fresh coconut thirstquenching drinks.

As a starter you can munch on their delicious farm tempura, made with drumstick tree leaves – also known as moringa leaves – covered with chickpea flour and fried until crispy. Who would have thought that a fried piece of leaf could taste so good?

A platter worth the chatter

To continue with the mouth-watering experience, this small eating joint offers a selection of curries, daily specials and their two most acclaimed Nasi Lemak and Veggie Platters. The Nasi Lemak platter, starring their fragrant Blue Pea Rice, crispy chicken wings, savory Sambal Goreng, and a few other dishes is the preferred choice by many.

If your stomach doesn’t stretch out to fit that much food though, we recommend getting your hands on one of their tasty banana, grilled lemon grass or chicken curries.

Indulge the sweet tooth

A visit to Poison Ivy Bistro is not complete without having tried one of their desserts. Their moist and aromatic banana breads are popular amongst locals and should not be overlooked. But if you are looking to snack on a local delicacy, give the Kueh Kosui a try. Its mix of palm sugar and tapioca flour rolled in coconut flakes, will melt its way into your mouth only to leave you wanting more.

And if you truly want more after having had an exquisite experience, don’t forget to stop at their Earth Shop where you’ll be able to stock up with some more banana bread, homemade tapioca chips, and even crisp out-of-the-soil produce.

Practical information

Opening hours Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am to 5:30pm and Fridays to Sundays from 8:00am to 6:30pm

Entrance fee Not applicable

Getting there Bus 975 or the Kranji Countryside Express bus leaving from Kranji MRT Station will drop you off at Bollywood Veggies farm. It is recommended to plan your journey ahead of time due its remote location.

Website https://bollywoodveggies.com.sg/