Oz Harvest: An Australian charity fighting the war against food wastage

Help support Australias leading food rescue organisation and donate, volunteer or visit their Kensington Market where you can take what you need and give if you can.

Oz Harvest in an Australian based charity that is doing extraordinary things to help people in need. The premise for the charity started in 2004 when Rohni Kahn AO noticed that the hospitality industry produced a large amount of food wastage. This food wastage combined with the amount of charities in need of donations made her question whether there was a better way to do things. She was right, there was.

Starting in Sydney with one van that delivered 4,000 meals in the first month, Oz Harvest now operates nationally in Australia and rescues 180 tonnes of food each week from various donors. In order for this to be possible OzHarvest worked with government to initiate changes in state laws to protect organisations from potential liability when donating food to charity.

Four Pillars of OzHarvest

The mission that OzHarvest works towards is to “Nourish our Country” and this is demonstrated in all of their actions. The organization is also driven by four pillars that direct all the work that they do and these include: rescue, educate, engage and innovate. This all encompassing approach means that they can tackle food wastage from various angles and be proactive in all of their measures.

To market we go

At this point you might be wondering what you can do to help OzHarvest and support its charitable mission. Well if you live in or are visiting Sydney you can drop into the OzHarvest Market, Australia’s first rescued food grocer. Upon arrival at the market you may be surprised to find a great range of quality supermarket goods. The majority of items being donated due to surplus stock and not from damage or being out of date. 

After looking around and making your selections you simply take what you need and give what you can. There is no screening process required, so customers in need are able to maintain their dignity. The concept works and has been operating since 2017 as the market is as much for the vulnerable community as it is community members wanting to support others. Therefore, if you find yourself in Sydney and close to the cultural and arty suburb of Kensington, drop in for a shop knowing that your dollar will be put towards a great cause!

Other ways to help

If you have found inspiration in OzHarvest’s mission and want to contribute, they encourage donations of time or money from individuals. Alternatively, if you are the owner of a registered business you can donate food either immediately or on a regular basis.

Aside from those mentioned above another way to support OzHarvest is to be a food wastage fighter and advocate of the charity. This could involve sharing and liking their social media posts, changing the way that you shop and think about food and encouraging others to do the same. It may seem like a giant task to tackle the war on food wastage but if we all work together who knows what we will be able to achieve.


Website: https://www.ozharvest.org/

Address: 147 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW


Tuesday – Friday | 10am – 2pm

Angelica-Hazel Toutounji
Angelica-Hazel is a nutritionist & freelance writer that loves eating her way around the globe, one healthy cafe at a time. When she is not planning her next sustainable getaway you can find her either in the kitchen creating wholesome meals for her family or going on nature walks.