Noonaweena: Luxury and comfort at a reduced environmental cost

Summarised by its Aboriginal name, Noonaweena provides visitors with a ‘resting place in the bush’, whilst truly striving to reduce its environmental impact.

Luxury with a view

Overlooking Yengo National Park and boasting striking views of its magnificent valleys, Noonaweena is located in a beautiful part of New South Wales. Comprised of a whopping 100 acres, the five-star retreat is the perfect spot for an escape to nature. Originally, enjoyed by the Darkinjung people for its rejuvenating characteristics, the land here remains a sacred location for the Eastern NSW Aboriginal people and is appreciated for its natural beauty by all. Located only an hour north of Sydney, you’d be surprised just how peaceful this place really is. Fresh air, bountiful nature, flawlessly presented gardens and sleek lodges define the setting here.

Credit: Noonaweena Retreat

Four chic accommodations in the form of lodges sit nestled into the natural backdrop at Noonaweena. Choose from any of the four lodges if you’re heading here with a group or alternatively, opt for one room and the bed and breakfast option if you’re going away for a romantic, tranquil retreat with your other half. And, if a room at Noonaweena doesn’t bring you close enough to nature, there’s even an option to book a glamping bell-tent.

Noonaweena facilities

On the exquisite site itself, guests can enjoy multiple facilities and take part in a number of activities. Outdoor pools and the Nourished Day Spa offering a variety of treatments will top off your restful weekend, sending you back to the city in style and totally relaxed. What with treatment rooms nestled under the treetops and no harsh chemicals or preservatives in any of the beauty products, you’ll be treated to the best quality organic skin care derived from native Australian plants at Nourished Day Spa. A tennis court, a handful of picnic sites, and walking trails which guide you through the flourishing nature of the rainforest are also all on site. Talk about idyllic. You’re guaranteed to feel revitalised after a trip to Noonaweena.

Credit: Noonaweena Retreat

Sustainable endeavours

And just to add to the feeling of relaxation, you can rest assured at Noonaweena that you’re choosing to pay for something environmentally positive. A multitude of green initiatives at this exquisite retreat ensure that your stay doesn’t cost the earth. Noonaweena is eco-certified by Ecotourism Australia, whilst it was also awarded with Platinum Green Leader status with Trip Advisor in 2017.

This New South Wales nature retreat does all it can to preserve the beauty and wonder of the environments which surround it. At Noonaweena, it is believed that even just buying local and being energy savvy can go a long way. However, they go further than that. It’s worth mentioning at least a few of Noonaweena’s impressive and mindful sustainability centred decisions here.

Buying local and organic produce where possible, the New South Wales retreat reduces food miles and supports local growers, helping to bolster and encourage sustainable farming processes across the state. Energy reduction is also a talking point here. An abundance of solar panels significantly reduce energy consumption and hot water systems are set up so that gas is only used when required. Thermal covers used on the outdoor pools also help to reduce energy consumption.

Credit: Noonaweena Retreat

Meanwhile, Noonaweena also keeps bees as a demonstration of their commitment to the environment. With a third of all our food dependent on pollination by bees, the NSW retreat brings to surface an important issue by providing a home for its insect friends on site. Other notable sustainability endeavours at Noonaweena include its self-sufficiency of water through rain tanks and natural springs, the composting of green waste for nutrition of the stunning gardens as well as strict recycling practices.

If you’re taking a trip to Sydney and could do with an escape to nature for a weekend, look no further than Noonaweena. Not only will you leave totally relaxed and at one with nature, but you’ll also be paying for what you believe in: a business with a focus on reducing its environmental impact and working towards sustainable ideals.



Address: 1442 George Downes Dr, Kulnura NSW 2250

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