Mastani: Where Fashion and Culture Meet

Using fashion to connect consumers to cultures and stories that shaped each fashion piece, Mastani takes inspiration from traditional textile and artisan techniques to create designs that are a work of art.

Founded by Kudrat Makkar, the label’s talented Creative Director and founder, sustainable fashion brand Mastani offers something more than just clothes that will turn heads; each unique garment from this inspirational brand offers stories and offers connection. 

Credits: Mastani

Showing the true beauty of blending handmade, traditional techniques with the contemporary fashion market, in Mastani, Kudrat Makkar has created a brand that is not only luxurious and powerful in its designs but preserves, connects and revitalises a cultural heritage.

Bold Silhouettes, and Luxurious Details

In the words of this inspirational company, Mastani garments are luxury defined by the details. From the overall aesthetic to the smallest details, Mastani exudes quality. Composed of a small but talented team, the Mastani owned atelier in India is where designs are created, designs that are paradoxes of themselves in the best possible way. Clothing from this sustainable brand is traditional yet modern, timeless yet unique, and where some brands may struggle to create a coherent balance with this approach, everything from Mastani feels effortless and elegant in its style.

Clothing that Aims to Empower

One core concept that every stunning Mastani look is built upon is inspiring confidence and empowering women. This foundation results in designs that feature bold silhouettes and a sophisticated, edgy feel that doesn’t lose the element of timelessness. Quality is another mainstay of the Mastani playbook, fabrics found in Mastani clothes include merino wool blends, handmade fabrics, and luxurious silks. The Mastani range includes beautiful items like the Neelam shirt dress, effortlessly elegant when styled with statement jewellery and heels for an evening at a swanky restaurant or perfect with some trendy boots for a day at a chic inner-city office. Everything on offer at Mastani, from accessories to pants and tops, outerwear, jumpsuits, and dresses is versatile enough to seamlessly transition from day to night. 

In addition, Mastani also offers custom orders, personal styling, and bridal and wedding services.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is more than a requirement for Mastani, it is the foundation underpinning the brand. Mastani has been innovative in its response to sustainability, blending a sustainable approach with  social responsibility and quality garment construction.

Ensuring No Materials are Wasted

Credits: Mastani

Rejecting the astronomical levels of waste that traditional garment construction involves, Mastani works on a system of repurposing scraps into use for finishing and trimmings, ensuring that all fabric that is created is fabric that is used. 

With such high-quality standards, Mastani samples and garments all must pass quality checks to ensure that customers receive items that are luxurious, stylish, and superbly constructed. Any items that don’t pass these quality checks are upcycled by local artisans or donated to the local community, creating a system where nothing is wasted, and everybody benefits.

Championing Social Responsibility

Credits: Mastani

When it comes to social responsibility, Mastani is far ahead of most contemporary fashion organisations. Operating an in-house garment production process, Mastani takes a holistic approach to the welfare of both the team and the community in which it operates.  The brand ensures workers have ethical conditions, are paid sufficient wages, have job security and partners with local artisans to showcase and celebrate traditional craftsmanship. 

A truly sustainable fashion brand, Mastani is inspirational in its approach to both business and to design. It celebrates the link between tradition and contemporary fashion and every garment takes consumers on a journey to the cultural heritage and amazing craftspeople behind it. With a comprehensive approach to social and environmental sustainability and an aim to inspire and empower women, Mastani is proving that modern fashion can be stylish, ethical, and contemporary while still embracing its traditional roots.



Address: 1005 High St, Armadale VIC 3143, Australia


Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 4.30PM

Sunday: 11AM – 4PM

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