Locofama: organic farm-to-fork cuisine in an urban jungle

Born out of Hong Kong’s nutrition industry, Locofama is the very soul of this urban jungle’s organic food culture. Offering a western-based cuisine with a farm-to-table concept, they aim to bring slow living culture to the heart of the city.

Where it all began

This community-centric restaurant was founded by Larry Tang, a leader in the food and beverage and branding and marketing industries who embarked on an intense personal journey after finding out his father was diagnosed with cancer. In many interviews, he has discussed how this life-changing incident led him to find out that a poor diet was linked to cancer, and thus, he became driven to spread the word about healthy eating. His efforts made a profound impact on Hong Kong’s food culture, encouraging an overwhelming love for health-focused, sustainable, wholesome food in a place obsessed with a fast-paced, takeout heavy lifestyle.

Their philosophy surrounds all things sustainability and nutrition. At the farm level, they source their organic produce from local farms in Hong Kong and ensure no pesticides or chemicals are used on their fruits, veggies, and everything else in between. In his interview with Page Common, Tang says, “We are lucky to have a sourcing manager who is a biodiversity expert that locally sources our produce. Many farmers we work with have worked in their industry for many years and already have a good idea of what produce is the best each season.” When produce gets to fork, health-consciousness is the name of the game, where they cater to diverse diners by serving up dishes that are dairy-free, nut-free, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and pescatarian. Some of their scrumptious dishes include a black truffle crab dip and their infamous Fama Bowls – miso eggplant with roasted veggies and chickpeas, grass-fed beef rendang with organic jasmine rice, okra, and pumpkin, and baked organic tofu patties to name a few.

Slow living and mindful lifestyles

Locofama chose care – spreading the word about consumer and environmental impact while being mindful of what is used to make each dish they put on their menu. Their concept focuses on a culture of wellbeing and collectivism, as although they want to stand out as a trailblazer, they consistently collaborate with other likeminded restaurants in the scene. With this community mindset, they bring together an eclectic mélange of people to adopt conscious, slow living. To complement Locofama, Larry opened up Sohofama a year later – another restaurant that coincides with the values of Locofama but offers dishes with a more Chinese influence. Combining the knowledge of western doctors and nutritionists and Chinese doctors, they elevate their menu concept through a fusion of cultures.

As Tang has once said, “All great meals are shared with plenty of conversation.” Locofama opens up the conversation about food sustainability and provokes the minds, hearts, and palates of the Hong Kong community.


Website: https://locofama.com/

Address: 9, 13 Fuk Sau Ln, Sai Ying Pun


Monday – Friday | 10am – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm

Saturday | 11am – 10pm

Sunday | 11am – 9pm

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