Lepaar: a wholistic, biodynamic skincare brand that doesn’t compromise on quality or the earth

Indulge in a luxury range of skin and body products steeped in authenticity and made in Australia for men and women.

Now more than ever we have come to an understanding that the products we choose to put on our skin and in our bodies can have an effect on our health. We have understood this to be true for what we eat and drink for some time however this concept has only recently been applied to include our skin care products. As with nutrition, the importance lies not only in the quality of ingredients present but also in the absence of certain ingredients too.

With this in mind it makes sense to choose skin care products created with a respect for nature and good for you from the inside out. Intrigued and want to learn more? Let me introduce you to Lepaar.

Credit: Lepaar

Christo & Johanna

The story of Lepaar centres on the culmination of two people, Christo and Johanna coming together with a shared passion for quality and refinement to build a business that supports all that is ethical, alive and good. The aim of Lepaar is to remind people of the “Whole” the spirit of things.

Sustainability Practices

Sustainability is a key concern to Lepaar so all ingredients chosen are organic, biodynamic or wild crafted, sustainably grown, harvested and processed with love and respect for the earth. They also proudly omit the inclusion of CO2 extracts, nut oils, stabilisers, artificial fragrances or preservatives due to their ill effects on health. Unlike a large array of skincarecompanies, Lepaar forego using essential oils as active ingredients and instead opt for whole plant extracts as they humbly hold the view that it is more sustainable. Their packaging is also designed to maximise recyclable content and minimise waste and they proudly display their eco choices in packaging and operations on their website.

Credit: Lepaar

Harnessing the Sun and Moon

Lepaar utilises the ancient technique of sun infusion to release the medicinal properties present within the botanicals. This is unique as it has the ability to preserve heat sensitive medicinal properties of botanicals in ways other methods simply can’t whilst also producing zero carbon footprint. A synchronicity with the moon is also utilised whereby blending occurs during new and full moons to harness the moon’s celestial forces.

An Eclectic Range

Embedded in the Lepaar ethos is the importance of comprising “whole” things. This can be seen in their skincare products, their ancient apothecary range and eco gardening offerings. All of which are unisex in nature and made in Australia.

Credit: Lepaar

Shop Local

If you are loving the vibe that Lepaar has created, you can support them by purchasing their gorgeous range online or through their carefully curated stockists. Every Lepaar stockist is chosen because their values and ethos is in alignment with the brand and they encourage all customers to support their bricks and mortar retailers. In Australia you can find Lepaar throughout New South Wales and Queensland in cafes, eco retailers and design studios.


Website: www.lepaar.com

Found in retailers throughout NSW and Queensland

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