Kitchen by Food Rebel: fresh wholesome food for everyone

Elika Tasker, a nutrition expert and health coach, left the corporate world 5 years ago to set up a clean-eating café as an answer to her quest for a quality organic cuisine. This tiny venue shows that a balanced, natural diet can be compatible with inventive and delicious food.

Sourcing organic ingredients

Through its menu jam-packed with wholesome dishes, Kitchen by Food Rebel ensures that the customers not only enjoy their meals but also maintain a goal of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. For Elika, transparency about the origins of the food is crucial. Kitchen by Food Rebel cooperates with several local startups to source quality fresh produce. Without exception, organic ingredients are sustainably sourced from regional suppliers. Food is made with an emphasis on clean eating, without using additives and preservatives. There is no place for either modified starch, emulsifiers, stabilizers, MSG, processed sugar, or artificial sweeteners on the menu.

Inclusive eating

Kitchen by Food Rebel prides itself on its all-inclusive approach. It caters to everyone from vegans and vegetarians to diners with food intolerances and those simply looking to lead a balanced lifestyle. All dishes are dairy-free and, with the exception of bread and oats, gluten-free too. And that is not all. Kitchen goes further than most other healthy eateries in Singapore by offering customized meals, specialized nutrition for athletes, as well as post-surgery recovery meals. If you are serious about your food, your health, and the environment, this is the place to go.

What to expect

The Food Rebel concept is the epitome of a passion for invigorating and tasty cuisine. While most dishes are vegetarian, there are a few sustainable meat and fish alternatives such as grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken, and sustainable barramundi. The menu, with plenty of breakfast, lunch, and brunch offerings, features predominantly Western and Asian fusion dishes with a touch of local flavors.

The signature Rebel Buddha Bowls are packed to the brim with nutrient-dense food. Choose between several delicious versions: the chicken hummus bowl, vegetarian Mediterranean option with baked falafel, and vegan beetroot hummus with tofu-avocado mix and tahini dressing. The warm meals section offers the likes of vegan zoodle chickpea bolognese and the star of what Kitchen by Food Rebel refers to as “dirty clean eating”, the organic Rebel Chicken Burger.

All of this can be washed down with organic and biodynamic wines, natural juices, and herbal and medicinal teas. Freshly ground fair trade organic coffee is served in collaboration with the local Nomad The Gallant coffee roaster. It comes sweetened with a Malaysian staple—the pure gula melaka coconut palm sugar.

Kitchen by Food Rebel is not only about eating. More than anything else, Elka’s aim is to create a change in nutrition habits through educating her clientele. Look out for her cooking classes frequently organized at the café, including the hugely popular raw desserts workshop.



Address: 28 Stanley St, Singapore 068737


Monday – Sunday | 8am – 10pm

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