K11 MUSEA’s Nature Discovery Park: an innovative nudge towards nature-culture harmony

Learn for yourself how culture, wellbeing and environmental protection intertwine at Hong Kong’s first biodiversity museum and education park. Explore this urban green oasis, showcasing the true value of nature for both society and the planet.

Green design

Inspired by the Muses in Greek Mythology, K11 MUSEA is a new cultural-retail destination in Kong Kong, which aspires to enrich the lives of individuals through the powerful combination of creativity, innovation and culture. Situated in the heart of Victoria Dockside, this stunning arts and cultural precinct is home to entertainment, gastronomy and retail all under one roof.

Speaking of the roof, K11 MUSEA’s world-class and architecturally remarkable structure is comprised of a massive 50,000 square feet of living green surfaces and walls. In fact, green building certifications, such as the Hong Kong BEAM Plus as well the U.S. LEED Gold Level Certification have been awarded to the establishment for its efforts in sustainable design. But if you thought K11 MUSEA’s most impressive sustainable feat lies solely in the architectural aspects of the development, you would be wrong.

Hong Kong’s urban garden

Tucked away and hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find Nature Discovery Park, a green oasis amongst the urban jungle. Located on the eighth floor of K11 MUSEA, this bright and blooming hidden gem is Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum and sustainability-themed education park. Home to an aquarium, a butterfly garden, an urban farm and an abundance of greenery, Nature Discovery Park assists guests in getting closer to nature whilst not having to step foot out of the city. The term, ‘reconnect with what matters’ pushed as the motto of the park, connotes the idea that with more contact with nature, we as a society can lead more meaningful lives.

Admirable motives

But what exactly does that mean? Nature Discovery Park effectively helps visitors to experience first hand the ecological importance of Hong Kong’s rich biodiversity, and educates them on the preservation of nature for future generations. In turn, the park exaggerates the link between the admiration of earth’s natural works of art, and its protection. During a visit to the park, you’ll hear about numerous environmentally friendly actions that can be adopted across society as a whole. This includes information about; the farm-to-table approach to consumption, vertical farming in the city, the need for plastic reduction to assist in marine health, environmental conservation as well as supporting social enterprises.

At Nature Discovery Centre, it is clear that nature is the muse and the epicentre of all activities. Resultantly, brushing up on your environmental knowledge and gaining some inspiration in the field of sustainability here, might involve taking part in certain eco-activities such as urban farming or green beauty workshops. You can also opt for the zen option and take a mindfulness and meditation course. Alternatively, a guided green tour serves as a thorough overview and provides an interactive and eye-opening experience. Moving through your tour journey, you’ll pass through three sections: sea, land and sky. On your way, discover exotic, native sea-life, learn about rooftop farming and watch endless magnificent butterflies come and go as they please in the open-air butterfly garden.

Environmental education

A trip to this natural landscape in the middle of a bustling city is no doubt an entertaining as well as relaxing activity during your trip to Hong Kong. Yet Nature Discovery Park is also very serious about its cause and hot on ensuring that efforts are in line with global goals surrounding sustainability. In fact, working with the Jane Goodall Institute, the park creates guided tours and environmental courses for both children and families surrounding education in sustainability. Meanwhile, all events and eco-activities at Nature Discovery Park are sculpted in line with a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), helping to maintain an effective method and a compelling visitor experience. Namely, the park focuses on four main Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 3 (health and wellbeing) SDG 4 (quality education), SDG 11 (sustainable communities) and SDG 17 (partnerships). The impressive approach to environmental awareness and education at Nature Discovery Park is certainly admirable.

During a visit to Hong King, drop by Nature Discovery Park to relax, to learn and be entertained. The unique combination of multiple causes from health and wellbeing, all the way to the protection of the planet, all convene at this green gem in the city under the wide umbrella of nature. Through the showcasing of nature’s power and beauty, Nature Discovery Park promotes the living of a sustainable lifestyle as the best way to reduce environmental impact and to live a meaningful life.


Website: www.k11musea.com/visit/nature-discovery-park/

Address: Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Monday – Sunday | 11am – 8pm

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