In2thewild: tiny getaway homes with a big green difference

In this modern world of constant connection, it’s hard to find the time to disconnect and slow down. In2thewild allows you to escape out of the city and into tiny homes. Whether you’re after a getaway with your mate, your partner or you want to take the whole family along, In2thewild provides you with the rural escape you are searching for.

Choosing a tiny house

Picture yourself immersed in Australian rural countryside, tucked away on a chilly winter day in your own miniature cabin. In2thewild lets you run away into the wild and escape your worries, the only problem you will have is having to choosing which home you want to stay in. As you peruse your tiny house options you will be given some general information about your location. Most of the houses are located within a one- or two-hour drive from Australian capital cities.

Your tiny house might be surrounded by farmland or near a boutique winery. Information is provided about extracurricular activities such as a farm tours, horse riding, fishing and hiking. However, there is some mystery to it, as the exact location of your tiny house is not revealed until after your booking is confirmed. Each house has its own personality and is therefore given its own unique name, such a Clancy or Elizabeth.

In New South Wales (NSW) you can choose from thirteen different tiny house options. You could stay in places like the Greater Blue Mountains or the Hunter Region, as well as many other locations. You might like to stay in Clancy, located somewhere in the Great Blue Mountains. Its roughly two hours drive north west from Sydney. Here you will be surrounded by national park and wilderness and have the option to book on-site horseback riding. Elizabeth is another option located in the Hunter region, 90 minutes’ north from Sydney CBD. Here, you can cruise around the pretty Hunter region, exploring picturesque wineries and you’ll only be a short drive away from a small village with various eating and drinking options.

While trying to choose the best tiny house for your great escape, have a look at filtering options at the bottom of the webpage. Here you can filter options by state or getaway locations, such as beaches or farms. You will also be able to see recommendations for couples or families, or look through the experience options where you can select just how secluded you want to be. If you don’t want to leave man’s best friend behind, In2thewild offers pet friendly choices across NSW and Victoria.

In2thewild has partnerships with rural landowners. This allows a win-win scenario as cabins get to be placed on remote settings and residents can capitalise on their property without the worry of building or upkeep. Community members are also employed by In2thewild for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring community sustainability.

What you will find when you get there

Water tanks, solar energy and composting toilets provide off-grid eco-style living. No need to worry though, you will still have power and hot water. You will be supplied with gas burners inside your home but outside you will likely find a fire pit which can be lit if no fire bans are in place. To allow yourself to reconnect with nature and fully relax it’s best if you leave mobile phone or work computer at home. Even if you do bring it, you won’t find a power socket and will be lucky to get reception.

Not matter the weather you will be comfy in your tiny home. These houses where designed with weather in mind. Fans are installed, and the homes are created and positioned to ensure great air flow in summer. In winter, you will find blankets and hot bottles. All the cabins (expect for Christopher) have small off-grid gas heaters for those extra chilly nights. While you’re staying in your tiny home you’ll be reminded just how precious resources like water and energy are. In2thewild asks that you take any garbage with you and you will be encouraged to reduce and recycle so to ensure environmental wellbeing.

If you’re after a great escape to unwind from your busy life, In2thewild has just the place for you. Choose your ultimate getaway, whether that be near a vineyard or a rainforest. In2thewild will have the perfect place away from the hustle and bustle for you to relax and enjoy.



Found all over New South Wales

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