How you can help with India’s Covid-19 outbreak crisis

India's Covid-19 outbreak

India is currently experiencing a devastating outbreak of COVID-19. Within the last month, daily death tolls have increased tenfold and infection rates are the highest the world has ever seen. If you are in a position to donate, scroll down to find out exactly where you can send your money. Otherwise, read on to find out what else you can do to help.

What is happening in India?

In India’s Covid-19 outbreak around 400,000 cases of coronavirus are being reported every single day, with more than 220,000 people having died from the virus to date. Unfortunately, it seems that the actual death toll could be far higher than official figures.

Hospital beds are at capacity and have been for a while now, especially in Delhi, where a lack of all necessary equipment means that even the most critically ill patients aren’t able to access medical help. Meanwhile, only 2% of the Indian population has been vaccinated.

A recent Guardian article describe current scenes in India to be, “like living in a horror film”. The article speaks of the “pin-drop silence” which currently haunts Indian cities, which on typical non-covid ridden days would be radiating with hustle and bustle, crowds and generally lots of noise.

India's Covid-19 outbreak - deserted streets

What is happening with India’s Covid-19 outbreak is a desperate crisis, and one which we simply cannot ignore.

If you can’t afford to donate to India’s Covid-19 outbreak right now

Donating to charity is a direct and efficient way to support those in need during a crisis. Whilst your connection to a certain place, a feeling of helplessness, a lack of trust in where your money is going, or an inability to see the direct effects of your donation might motivate you to act alone, donating to charity is usually recommended. Charities are usually well-established, culturally and situationally aware and have the resources to assist with humanitarian crises.

To find a charity to donate to, please scroll down to find 10 organisations that could do with your help.

However, in this section we explain a handful of things you can do to help the covid crisis in India, if your financial situation current doesn’t allow you to donate.

1. Share news and charity information on social media

If you have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, you can help by sharing up to date information about the crisis in India. Whether it’s news articles, informative instagram posts, charity pages or anything else you can find, hit the share button. You might not be able to donate, but if one or two of your followers see your Instagram story and decide to donate, you’ll be a part of the difference made.

Keep your eyes peeled for India-related content on social media this week, and hit share.

2. Fundraise this weekend

A charity bake sale, secondhand clothes sale, a raffle, or an event such as a games night or quiz, can all be organised on fairly short notice and can be great fundraising tools. Even the smallest of events can help raise a little extra money. According to the local Delhi charity Iskcon, 25USD can provide 25 meals for those going hungry during India’s Covid-19 outbreak . If you manage to raise 100USD during your Saturday morning bake sale – therefore providing 100 meals – you’ll be making a huge difference to people’s lives.

No plans for the weekend? Start organising an event with your friends and make a difference.

3. Offer your skills

Although this might be easier for those based in India, offering a skill that you have to; people in need, charities or NGOs is one way of helping out during India’s current Covid-19 outbreak . If you’re someone with not much money to give, but with plenty of time on your hands, there are ways in which you can help. Are you a graphic designer? Web developer? Copywriter? Lawyer? Influencer? Social media manager? Keen fundraiser? Event manager? Or are you just available to give anything a go? A number of individual organisations during this time – whether that’s small charities, community Facebook groups or businesses, might need your skills in their fight against Covid. Why not get on to Facebook and find relevant Covid groups in Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere else and offer your services for free. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but you might just save someone some precious time and add a valuable service.

Spend an hour tonight spreading the message about your willingness to help on social media. You never know what kind of impact you might have.

India's Covid-19 outbreak - volunteer time, money or supplies

If you can donate to help India’s Covid-19 outbreak

A great deal of charities – both local and international – are working to help covid patients in India by providing health care, but also providing meals and other essentials. A list of charities helping with India’s Covid-19 outbreak crisis is provided below:

  1. Project Hope – ‘Project HOPE is procuring and distributing medical supplies and equipment, training front-line health workers and educating communities about how to stop the spread of COVID-19 in India. 
  2. Iskcon Delhi – ‘Iskcon is now delivering wholesome, nutritious food to covid patients in South West Delhi’
  3. Akshaya Patra – ‘Akshaya Patra has begun its relief service by providing meal or packed grocery kits to the marginalised and low-income segment of the society comprising of daily wage workers, migrant labourers, construction site workers, and needy people at old age homes and night shelters.’
  4. Mission Oxygen – ‘This campaign started as a self-funded mission to help hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen concentrators.’
  5. Care – Your gift to this Emergency Fund provides essential hospital services, more health workers, additional beds, oxygen supply, and much more to help India protect and save lives from COVID-19 and other deadly diseases.
  6. Plan International – ‘We need your support more than ever now to stop the devastating impact of the pandemic on Covid-affected vulnerable families and migrant labourers.’
  7. Association for India’s Development – ‘AID is reaching 1200 villages in 15 districts of Tamil Nadu with grocery support to COVID positive families (50 villages underway and scaling up), screening, and protective gear.’ …’AID is sending funds to support a dedicated call center that the Society For Community Health Awareness, Research And Action (SOCHARA) will use to set up and run a helpline accessible across India.’
  8. Doctors Without Borders – ‘MSF teams are currently supporting case identification and management, and infection prevention activities in Mumbai, in Maharashtra state.’….’Teams are also caring for patients in two units within a large, 2,000-bed field hospital in Mumbai set up by the Indian government to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.’
  9. Unicef – ‘Your emergency donation will helpIncrease access to life-saving oxygen by delivering Oxygen Generation Plants to hospitals to treat severe and critical COVID-19 cases. Provide rapid, accurate testing machines in some of the most affected districts. Support the ongoing distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through the UNICEF-supported COVAX initiative.’

For more information about the coronavirus crisis in India, click here.

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