Holly Ryan: exquisite handcrafted jewellery made with a zero waste ethos

Encapsulating the most sought-after trends, yet adding in an artistic twist, Holly Ryan crafts jewellery that lasts for a lifetime. Encouraging the circularity of materials through recycling and repurposing, is the eco-friendly method used by this Australia-based business. 

Originality and elegance never goes out of fashion 

It’s businesses like this one that pose the question: why would I choose fast-fashion when slow-fashion looks this good? Holly Ryan started her business on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland in 2010. Studying Fine Arts at university, she left the world of education with everything she needed to start her commendable business: a creative mind, a passion for jewellery and a deep respect for the environment. Today, Holly Ryan produces the kind of pieces that you’d consider ‘must-haves’, and with her jewellery handcrafted locally and sustainably, investing in a piece with this business is a win-win. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a beautifully handcrafted souvenir from a trip abroad, which tells a story of another time and place. Holly Ryan can assist you with just that.

Credit: Holly Ryan

Solid gold, gold-plated and silver jewellery, embellished with shining pearls and pastel hues can be found at Holly Ryan. Elegant and never overcomplicated in appearance, the jewellery here is suited to everyday use, but can absolutely be dressed up. Hints of nature and a sunny, vibrant aesthetic does justice to the vibrant outdoor setting in which the jewellery is fabricated, alongside the New South Wales coastline. Shells, pendants, torsos and cubes can all be found within the diverse collection. Imprints of fishes, treasure chests, coins and fonts are imprinted into charmingly imperfect rounded pendants. Each piece at Holly Ryan appears to be three things: made with an artistic flare, handcrafted with passion and made to last.

Low waste, high-quality

Holly Ryan’s coveted designs can be found in the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and it’s no wonder. Designs here can be considered modern day heirlooms; exquisitely detailed yet minimalist. With a commitment to crafting jewellery people will love and cherish, Holly Ryan stays true to her style but is always evolving and adapting to the trends. However, her dedication to environmentally friendly practices is what makes her business absolutely unique. Minimising impact through sustainable materials is what makes this jewellery stand out from the rest. 

Credit: Holly Ryan

In both the Sydney and Sunshine Coast studios a low – or in many cases zero – waste process is practiced. All metal is recycled and scraps are melted down to be used for new designs. In terms of the stones, ethical suppliers such as Fair-trade India are chosen, whilst some local Australian suppliers also come into the mix. Using these recycled and ethical materials, high-quality, valuable jewellery with a big sustainable statement is crafted at Holly Ryan. It might just be one small business, but the eco-friendly message is invaluable. 

Credit: Holly Ryan

Slow-fashion’s epitome

Recognising that the path to sustainability in jewellery is rather a journey than a destination, this New South Wales based business understands that crafting the best jewellery is a never-ending job. Holly Ryan works to ensure people love their jewellery for longer. ‘Designing timeless jewellery with intent’ is one way to do this. Yet that is perhaps easier than it sounds. By inviting customers to understand that their jewellery is a circular material which never loses its value, endless possibilities arise. 

For example, Holly Ryan customers are able to curate a collection of jewellery they will want to keep hold of forever. This kind of personalisation makes for a slow-fashion economy, whereby individuals invest in exactly what they are seeking and nothing less. On top of this, reworking and renewing is encouraged, with the company allowing the re-design and upcycling of customers’ old jewellery. Customer wanting to return their jewellery for store credit equally contribute to a zero-waste process at Holly Ryan. Upon receiving old jewellery, the company either: melts down jewellery, redesigns it, repairs or replates it. Through all of these initiatives, a kind of small – nevertheless extremely admirable – closed-loop recycling initiative is created, resulting in what can only be described as the epitome of slow-fashion.

Credit: Holly Ryan

Investing in jewellery made to last and designed to be cherished forever is something special, particularly in today’s world of fast-fashion. Opt for a timeless heirloom and pay towards a small business striving to make a big difference and a strong environmental statement. Conscious consumers visiting Sydney can take a piece of the Australian spirit home with them at Holly Ryan.


Website: www.hollyryan.com.au

Email showroom@hollyryan.com.au to book an appointment in the Sydney showroom.

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