Grown: The plant-based eatery in Brisbane committed to saving the planet

The trendy West End cafe is big on sourcing produce ethically and eliminating waste with the community in mind.

Sustainable farming, a focus on fair food, and nutritious meals served in a welcoming environment are what this popular Brisbane cafe is all about.

Credit: Savannah Van Der Niet

Considering the establishment’s name, it’s no surprise that just about everything on the Grown menu is produced on site. There’s an eat-as-much-as-you-like mantra too, afterall, nothing is wasted here, food scraps are reused as mulch.

What’s on the menu

Plant-based foodies are in for a real treat when they pull up a chair at this eatery that does minimalism to a tee. Whether you’re looking for brunch or fancy dinner out it’s all available here. Start the day with avocado toast with homemade Vegemite or indulge in a scrambled silken tofu with oyster mushrooms and sourdough, and for dinner chow down on house made gnocchi with black tea and lentils or mushroom dumplings with beetroot broth, and finish off with a piece of citrus cheesecake.

Credit: Savannah Van Der Niet

Coffee lovers will be impressed by the speciality coffee used here, that of Brisbane-basted artisan roaster Dramanti and other single origin brands. The choice of milk is notable too, with varieties including oat, almond, soy or coconut all available.   

Conscious consumption

The team at Grown prides itself on sourcing its produce from the region it serves. FoodConnect – a non-profit organisation that supplies local, seasonal and ecological food direct from farmers within 400 kilometres of Brisbane to the community – is its biggest ethical supplier, others include the Sunshine Coast’s Suncoast Fresh and The Falls Farm, an organic farm based in the Mapleton, on the Sunny Coast.

Credit: Savannah Van Der Niet

When it comes to waste, food scraps and leftovers are composted and used in the nearby Jane Street Community Garden where 200 different varieties of edible plants, including salad greens, vegetables, herbs, fruit along with butterfly and insect-attracting plants are grown. 

Further to this, the drinks on the Grown menu are vegan-friendly by design, and its smooth coffee is thoughtfully packaged to avoid plastics.



Adress: Shop 3, 21 Buchanan Street, West End


Wednesday – Friday | 10am – 2pm and 5.30 – 8pm

Saturday | 8am – 2pm and 5.30 – 8pm

Sunday | 8am – 2pm

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