Good Day Girl: Reducing fabric waste one design at a time

Homegrown sustainable fashion brand Good Day Girl is the expert of slow fashion, creating unique made to order clothing that doesn’t ever sacrifice on style, functionality or sustainability.

Made to order experts 

Australian brand Good Day Girl is the champion of stylish made to order clothing. Started in Sydney, founders Alexia and Sophie are both seasoned veterans of the fashion retail sector. Originally rivals, they teamed up to create an organisation that fosters solutions in the industry.  Tackling the messages of overconsumption in the fashion sector, Good Day Girl exists to foster a new spin on classic tailoring for the modern world.

This made-to-order tailoring model not only fosters a sustainable approach but tackles the sizing problem that has become the bane of every shopping experience. Standard sizing is anything but standard and more often than not, it doesn’t fit on the unique sizes and shapes of realistic bodies. To find a solution to this problem, Alexia and Sophie combined their talents and skills to create Good Day Girl. 

Good Day Girl is based around the idea that fashion should be individual, should be functional, should fit properly and should be sustainable. To meet these guidelines, Good Day Girl is taking a slow fashion approach, creating just two collections a year and having products made to order. 

A made to order clothing approach means that not only do beautiful products from this Australian sustainable clothing brand always fit perfectly, they also avoid the fabric waste that is generated in traditional garment production and overconsumption. 

Functionality, style and an organised wardrobe  

Much like their classic business model with a modern twist, Good Day Girl features clothing that champions classical style with a modern edge. Dresses, skirts, tops, pants and shoes created by this dynamic duo are always on trend without ever giving the impression of trying too hard. Located in the fashionable Paddington area of Sydney, Good Day Girl is a brand that proves we can have trendy sustainable clothes without sacrificing on functionality. Good Day Girl has become that brand we have been searching for that doesn’t make us choose between a beautiful skirt and one with pockets!

Showcasing stunning colours paired with timeless designs, Good Day Girl has created unique garments that will not only stand the test of time but are versatile enough to be worn on a weekend away or to an inner-city office. 

However, the brand does more than just sell clothing. Good Day Girl has launched an expert styling service to help consumers create a wardrobe that they love. With this service, Alexia and Sophie are aiding customers to organise and declutter their wardrobes to encompass only the clothes that they love and use. Still with a determination to reduce clothing waste, they donate unused clothes to charities or for resale and restyle or modify clothes where needed to create garments that are both treasured and functional. 

An example of quality slow fashion

Experts in slow fashion and champions of anti-waste, Good Day Girl has obtained B Corporation certification and promotes initiatives like Australian Made and zero waste practices. Having seen first-hand the exorbitant waste involved in the traditional fashion sector, Alexia and Sophie have created an organisation that stands for something different and acts as example of what good slow fashion should be. 

The design acumen and sustainable principles of Good Day Girl have been recognised around Australia with the brand named in Inside Retails Top Twenty Coolest Retailers for 2020. The beautiful designs of Good Day Girl were also donned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra for the promotion of their new concerts in the Wentworth Courier.

Taking responsibility for what we create is at the heart of the Good Day Girl ethos and through only creating what is needed, Good Day Girl is working to make the over-consumption patterns of the fast fashion sector a thing of the past. 

Through their styling service and their unique business model, Alexia and Sophie have created an Australian sustainable fashion brand that takes an active role in sustainably, reducing waste, prolonging the life of treasured garments and creating stunning styles for customers in the process. 



Address: 31 Norfolk St, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, 2021 


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