Grand Hyatt: a sustainable hotel for conscious travellers

Opt for sustainability whilst you sleep at the Grand Hyatt, and rest assured that one of the most eco-friendly 5 star hotels in Singapore is taking care of your carbon footprint.

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Orchard Road in Singapore is home to the Grand Hyatt. A destination in itself, it is a luxurious 5 star hotel in the heart of the city. Located in a desirable area, the hotel has contemporary rooms with views across the lush hotel gardens, the swimming pool and the city itself, offering guests with the perfect starting point for any trip to Singapore. With a secluded garden, a buzzing bar, a selection of restaurants, a stunning Indonesian inspired spa and a sophisticated fitness space, the hotel has a great deal to offer.

Energy consumption

In 2001, the luxury hotel began an impressive journey towards sustainability, adopting a holistic approach that could be used across all of the hotel’s spaces and services. The very beginning of this journey involved the installation of a trigeneration plant; a high efficiency energy system that produces electricity and heat, as well as cold water for air conditioning. The system cuts energy consumption by about 30% at the Grand Hyatt, which is roughly the same as taking 300 cars off the road each year! Leading the way in sustainability, the hotel was the first in the world to install the system.

Photo Credit: Grand Hyatt

Since then, protecting the planet for future generations has been at the heart of the hotel’s sustainable efforts and integral to decision making. Over the last two decades, the Grand Hyatt has gone to great lengths to establish its own sustainability policy, covering everything from food sourcing, waste management and reduction of its carbon footprint. If you consider yourself a conscious traveller, but prefer not to compromise on luxuriance, the Grand Hyatt is a perfect, eco-friendly choice.

Food and drink

When it comes to food, the Grand Hyatt has got all bases covered. Let’s start at the beginning: sourcing. The hotel has put a lot of thought into where it’s food comes from, therefore ensuring responsible practices in; reducing food miles, waste management and supporting local communities (as well as a whole load of other things).

Organic rice imported from selected farms in Thailand, is used to source all restaurants at the hotel, ensuring that rice is high quality, healthy and sourced from farms which pay fair wages. Fruits and vegetables are imported from a farm cooperative called ‘Weeds and More’ in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia as opposed to from Europe by plane, significantly reducing the hotel’s food miles. Meanwhile, lamb is sourced from Australia from farms that feed their livestock vegetables not deemed good enough for sale in supermarkets.

Credit: Weeds and More

Sourcing is only the beginning of the food journey too. The hotel works with local start-up Treatsure, to sell leftover food for $10 a box during the last hours of restaurant service in the evenings, thus reducing food waste as much as possible. Local non-profit organisations also pop by twice a week to collect meals which have so far helped to feed 400 families across the city.

The hotel also strives to be vegan-friendly, which is great news for all those with a plant-based diet among us. With plant-based egg, sausage and burgers on the menu at the hotel’s restaurants, you won’t go hungry here. It’s an inclusive dining experience for all guests at the Grand Hyatt. What better way to spread your sustainability message to the general public, than through the universal language of food?

It’s easy to think solely about food when considering responsible consumption, but at the Grand Hyatt you’ll find that drinks are also mindfully picked out. Coffee beans only with Organic rainforest alliance certification are bought from areas of high conservation value which protect endangered species, whilst 80% of wines must also be labelled with one of many sustainable certifications. Even the juice has an interesting story. The Grand Hyatt sells Ugly Juice, made from unwanted oranges deemed aesthetically unpleasing, therefore helping to support the company which rescues 4000kg of wasted oranges each month.

Reducing waste

Hotels across the globe are infamous for the amount of waste they produce across the different services they provide. The Grand Hyatt certainly tries its best to put a stop to this wasteful reputation. A food waste management plant converts 1000kg of daily food waste into organic fertiliser in 24 hours and to complete the circle, some of that organic fertiliser is used for the organic herb garden located on the roof of the hotel. Less waste also means less use of trash bags. To be more precise 55,000 less per year.

But that’s not the only way plastic consumption is reduced either. Instead of plastic straws, the hotel uses straws made from sugar cane, pens made from wheat straw and provides guests at the glamorous bar with reusable stainless steal stirrers for their cocktails. If you’re taking it easy in the lounge area and want to read a magazine or newspaper, you’ll be directed to an online source, so to reduce paper waste. Something you may never have considered before is where those dainty little hotel bars of soap go after you use them, perhaps only once or twice before checking out. The Grand Hyatt works closely with an non-profit who collect these bars, recycle them and then distribute new soap products in more than 45 countries. A small detail, but with over 650 rooms at the hotel, that’s a lot of soap!

When it comes to travel, amongst many other things, it’s always a good idea to pay for what you believe in. Making responsible decisions surrounding your spending and consumption during a trip can make a real difference to your carbon footprint, so being well-informed and choosing a businesses you have faith in is great for the planet and soothing for the mind. If you want to be selective about where to stay when you’re in Singapore, this luxury hotel has got you covered.

Photo Credit: Grand Hyatt

At the Grand Hyatt you’ll be basking in magnificence and safe in the knowledge that you’re staying true to your environmental values. 


Address: 10 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228211


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