Fresca: a healthy neighborhood café and “farmacy”

Eating at Fresca means refining the definition of farm to table, and saying goodbye to processed food and unsustainable practices.

A small cafe with a smaller carbon footprint

Located in the heart of artsy, historical Hollywood Road, this cozy neighborhood café serves up fresh, nutritious, organic meals with carefully-considered ingredients sourced from a local, private Hong Kong garden and farm. They boast one of the smallest carbon footprints among local restaurants, as the plants they use thrive on natural compost and pure mountain water. Adding to their green philosophy, they use heirloom and organic seeds and have hand-harvested produced delivered directly to the café every day.

Fresca’s vegetarian-vegan menu changes every day, allowing diners to try new flavors with specials like Sichuan veggies with soy chicken, blackcurrant-blueberry-carrot muffins, and tofu skins with celery. The café demonstrates that healthy and organic fare doesn’t have to mean unfulfilling nor bland. Here, the Hong Kong community can flourish by enjoying the familiarity of ready-to-go take out culture in the busy city and combining that with the chance to eat healthily.

A “farmacy” filled with food

The word “Farmacy” mashes together the words “Farm” and “Pharmacy” and has significant meaning to Fresca, as they consider the ingredients they use being nature’s way to fulfill the body and mind. When sitting down to curate their menu and decide what daily specials to offer, the team draws inspiration from both Western and Eastern cuisine and consider weather, season, and mood and what ingredients are thriving on the farm. Along with all, 2016 these considerations is a 6-step program of freshness that includes the two steps of washing their produce in PH 2.5 acidic water and soaking them in PH 11.5 alkaline water.

“Health. Taste. Love,” are the three words that make up the motto that accompanies the café’s name, but “care” should certainly be added to the group. Fresca puts the utmost care into feeding the city with the best of the best, treating the environment kindly, and handling their produce with impeccable attention. Spreading a health-conscious and earth-conscious message and attitude that is infectious, many end up choosing Fresca as a regular haunt for their daily dose of nutrients. At this eatery, diners don’t have to break the bank when it comes to finding inner-city farm-to-fork food options. Fresca breaks all preconceived notions of what it means to eat takeout in Hong Kong and what Hong Kong perceives “fast food” as being.



Address: 54a號 Hollywood Rd, Central


Monday – Saturday | 8.30am – 5pm

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