For The Common Goods: “Goods for the common folk”

A multi-brand retailer – For The Common Goods – offers a medley of brands that fall under the umbrella of environmentally-sustainable contemporary furniture.

A shift in consumption patterns

Sustainability, eco-tourism, adopting a plant-based diet, and being more conscious of how our carbon footprint affects the world around us, are just a few of the many habits that people have adopted over the years to live more intentional lives. As our homes are often seen as a sanctuary, choosing eco-friendly furniture brands is a powerful way to define your home as a place that is genuine and eco-conscious. Eco-friendly furniture brands are conscious of their impact and aim to reduce their environmental impact by using reclaimed materials, non-toxic stains and paints, and ensure that their pieces can be reused and are durable.

The place of sustainable furniture

For The Common Goods offers a medley of brands that fall under the umbrella of environmentally-sustainable contemporary furniture. This multi-brand retailer was founded by husband and wife duo Tommy and Angie Huang in 2012, and the store has expanded to bring in many brands that uphold their philosophy ever since. Furniture pieces come from independent brands, studios, and craftspeople from international destinations, including graphic rugs by PDM Brand in Bangkok, traditionally weaved mats from Fred & Bobo, copper lamps from Vij5 in the Netherlands, and modern rattan furniture made in Jakarta. Their motto is as follows, “For the common good, and goods for the common folk,” an inclusive statement that reflects their diverse price points for diverse people, looking for intriguing home pieces from Asian and European designers.

One of their most popular products is their rattan furniture and pieces, which has many benefits to the green lifestyle and the protection of forests when it is sustainably harvested. Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that can be harvested every five to seven years, in comparison to a lengthy 25 years for harvesting teak. Its economic value also encourages protection of the forests they grow in.

Ethical, beautiful and sustainable

Interweaving their interest in the process of creating a piece of furniture with their requirements for eco-friendly production, they aim to show off what great design and thoughtful craftsmanship truly looks like. For The Common Goods sees sustainability as more than just for the environment, but also for the industry, ensuring that all production processes are ethical. Ethically-sourced, beautiful, and sustainable are words that provide an overview of For the Common Goods, but their furniture offerings are what truly reflect the commendable concept of their store. Transformation and renewal revive the materials for these home furnishings and adds character and a vibrant story behind the process.

Their store is located on Eunos Avenue, and has somewhat of a speakeasy vibe because of its secretive and exclusive nature. It is only open for a collective six hours on the weekends or by appointment.



Address: 72 Eunos Ave 7, #04-06A, Singapore 409570


By appointment only.

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