The Fashion Pulpit: Sustainable Fashion in Singapore at its finest

A number of sustainable fashion initiatives have emerged in Singapore to tackle excessive textile waste; one of them being The Fashion Pulpit. 

The fight against fast fashion

Behind the oil industry, fashion is the most polluting industry in the world. In Singapore, on average, one person throws 27 articles of clothing every year. This results in over 200,000 tonnes of textile waste produced yearly. While many attempt to donate unwanted clothing to charity shops or thrift stores, many still end up in landfills. 

Considered Singapore’s first permanent and physical swapping fashion store, The Fashion Pulpit is a space where people can come in and swap their pre-loved clothes and accessories. Clothing swaps aren’t exactly a new idea, especially in Singapore. Several apps and events have thrived over the practice and have gained immense support from the public. However, there has never been a convenient and easily accessible platform for it up until the opening of The Fashion Pulpit in 2018. 

Founded by former fashion designer, Raye Padit, the store was envisioned to propel sustainable and ethical fashion without having to compromise style. The Pulpit allows fashionistas to have an ever-revolving wardrobe while still making a positive environmental change. 

Trading and swapping in the circular economy

Based on the idea of a circular economy, customers can come into The Fashion Pulpit to trade their pre-loved clothes for points and use these points to buy clothes that other customers have traded in. Swapping helps prolong the lifespan of clothing, lessen the burden of using textile resources and reduce the creation of unnecessary textile waste, all while expanding customers’ fashion range. 

The Pulpit has a vast arsenal of pieces, ranging from varied styles and designs. From street wear to elegant dresses, you can find everything you need in the store for any occasion. You might even find some high street and designer pieces in the mix. They keep their prices quite affordable as well, so that you’re not only saving the planet but your wallet too. 

The store itself is located at Liang Court and occupies a large open space. Expect to be greeted by racks and racks of beautifully curated pieces of clothing and accessories. All the items are organised by style and colour, with special sections dedicated to jewellery, shoes and bags. There is also a rack specially dedicated to menswear. 

A store and much more

Beyond clothing swaps, The Fashion Pulpit also provides an upcycling and tailoring space for their customers. The store often has in-house designers to help you out and give new life to your existing pieces of clothing, just in case you’re not ready to swap them in yet. 

The Pulpit also hosts a number of workshops and talks on fashion and sustainability, which is often conducted by industry experts. Anyone can join in and learn the latest fashion tips and tricks, or even learn how to make tote bags from recycled fabrics. 

In a shopping hub like Singapore, sustainable fashion is often a difficult concept to fathom; but The Fashion Pulpit showcases how it is easily approachable and viable. You can still play with new trends and styles without having to sacrifice environmental wellbeing. 



Address: 5 Straits View Marina One The Heart 01-04, The Fashion Pulpit, Singapore 018935


Tuesday – Sunday | 11am – 7pm

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