Roganic: farm-to-table Michelin-starred dining in the heart of Hong Kong

Comprised of locally and organically sourced produce, and constructed with wild creativity and masterful skill, food at Roganic will impress even the most seasoned of diners.

Hong Kong’s newest Michelin Star

Immaculately polished woods, brassy embellishments, plentiful plants and jars of fresh ingredients make Roganic light and airy, yet chic and classy. With plants scattered throughout the Michelin-starred Hong Kong restaurant, diners will quickly grasp the true extent to which plants steal the show here. Roganic is committed and indebted to all things which grow from the ground. A moss-covered ceiling gives away the green theme and plant-centric ethos.

Opened in Causeway Bay in early 2019, Roganic is the product of chef Simon Rogan. Originally from the Lake District in England, this now world-renowned chef has five restaurants. Shortly after opening Roganic – 10 months to be exact – the Hong Kong restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, meanwhile the restaurant has been widely praised for its traditional British style fabricated with a seasonal and wildly experimental twist. A city-centric and glamorous approach to the farm-totable concept gives Roganic a unique essence, whilst it also helps to shed light upon, and praise, organic and locally sourced produce.

During your Roganic experience, indulge in unique dishes based on traditional recipes. Observe and taste the intricate details of fermented and pickled components to dishes, as well as compressed and intensified elements which are packed with natural sweetness. Every dish here bursts with flavour and you’ll be presented with multiple masterpieces – all flawlessly executed – by opting for the tasting menu. Fantastically obscure dishes such as mackerel and yuzu crumpet and sea urchin custard with Simon Rogan caviar, will blow your mind. Meanwhile, a desert bar packed with delicate traditional apple pies as well as Guinness ice cream and endless other surprises will have you in awe of the creativity of the chefs.

Environmental efforts and sustainability

Conscious eaters amongst us will find the urban farm-to-table approach at Roganic fascinating. Ingredient-led, natural cuisine which takes plants out of their environments and enhances them with harmonious and balanced flavours sends a strong message of nature and seasonality at Roganic. Seasonality is exaggerated, praised and made to taste incredible. Summer menus beam with sweet and succulent beetroot, snap peas and spring onions. Winter brings hearty flavours and many herbs are grown in-house all year around.

Interestingly, in his London restaurant, chef Rogan selects his ingredients fresh and local from his own farm. Resultantly, without his own farm in Hong Kong, at Roganic things work a little differently. Before it’s opening in 2019, the team spent lots of time researching organic farms in the Hong Kong area, tracking down multiple suppliers. Of course grown in Hong Kong, produce differs greatly; not everything one can buy in the UK is matched in Hong Kong. However, rather than being a detriment, this difference is embraced at Roganic, with seasonality and locality at the heart of all dishes.

Adapting each dish to suit local availability is key to the restaurant’s farm-to-table ethos. By relying on local farms, the restaurant supports and promotes local organic farming practises, whilst it also reduces its reliance on imported food and thus unwanted air-miles. On top of this impressive and meticulous sourcing, the restaurant also uses an indoor system to grow plants (mostly herbs and micro greens). Upon visiting Roganic, you’ll notice the presence of the hydroponic plant box, saturated in light to promote healthy growth of ingredients.

Cooking in harmony with nature

Luxurious and creative dining doesn’t have to result in food-miles and extravagance. Lack of availability of certain crops does not have to be a detriment to any cuisine, and at Roganic the lack of some British-grown ingredients only enhances the taste and ignites the creativity of chefs in the kitchen. Roganic provides the perfect example of how local produce can shape and make a menu, with chefs working closely with the natural landscape to produce fantastic food. Take a trip to this Hong Kong restaurant to explore British cuisine and taste for yourself how innovative and indulgent dining experiences don’t have to equal environmental detriment. 



Address: G08, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay


Monday | Closed

Tuesday – Sunday | 12 – 2pm and 6 – 8pm

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