Elixiba: a plant-based Byron Bay venue emitting peace and positivity

This alchemy bar and plant-based restaurant in Byron Bay, serves up delectable dishes and juicy concoctions, more instagram-worthy than anything you’ve ever seen.

Wholesome food and social gatherings

Plant-based Elixiba opened in 2015 on Australia’s sunshine coast and was the first of it’s kind in the whole of Australia. Hoping to become a meeting place offering not only delicious food and drink, but that which is ethical and packed with nutrients, the venue today thrives on its honest ethos. Situated in the very heart of Byron Bay, Elixiba offers colourful fresh food without the nasties, in an environment crafted for relaxation and good conversation.

Credit: Elixiba

Everything at Elixiba is hand-made, fresh and honest. In the kitchen, you’ll find no microwave, no sauces in bottles, no processed fake meats and no animal products. Striving to conjure up cuisine with ingredients as healthy as can be, food is made from scratch each day. Whole-foods are the stars of the show and their innovative use results in nourishing meals with absolutely no guilt involved. On top of that, the entire menu is gluten-free.

Drop by for some drinks with a group of friends and experience gorgeous cocktails where artificial colours and flavours are replaced with with fresh and dazzling ingredients. Choose a Ginger Glow, made from homemade ginger syrup or a Spiced Mojito for hot summer days. Opt for a tasty lunch at Elixiba and the vibrant flavours of fresh ingredients will pop in your mouth. With a diverse menu available, you can choose a whole range of options, including a tangy Thai Red Curry, a Superfood Wrap or a Humble Burger. Weekend social activities don’t have to be unhealthy.

Credit: Elixiba

Ethical standards and environmental practices

Being a plant-based restaurant, Elixiba has saved tens of thousands of animal lives in its lifetime. Proudly celebrating vegan food, the restaurant and bar proudly serves up delicious cuisine to excite anyone willing to give vegan dining a go. But that isn’t where the responsible consumer practices stop. Plants used in meals are used with a root to stem approach, resulting in less waste throughout the cooking process. Meanwhile, that organic waste which is unusable is sent to be composted. In fact, Elixiba is Wilda bout composting and does so on site with everything that can included.

In terms of the non-food aspects of the restaurant, conscious commerce is consistently taken into account. The restaurant’s quirky furniture was created by local craftsmen and came from recycled materials and waste items. Meanwhile, you won’t find much plastic at Elixiba because the restaurant uses as little as possible and sources items accordingly. Naturally, as you might expect at a great deal of Byron Bay restaurants, plastic straws are replaced with bamboo straws. However Elixiba purchases these sustainable materials from a local company, helping to support the environmentally conscious community. Those inevitable soft plastics brought onto the site are recycled.

Credit: Elixiba

A kind community

Elixiba prides itself on working with a passionate and innovative team. This is one of the central aspects of the Elixiba business, and therefore customer experience. Collaboratively, the entire team including waiters and waitresses are encouraged to bring to the table their ideas, and together the staff create menus and partnerships in hope to inspire and support the local community. Charity bake sales and beach clean ups are some examples of what this kind of collaborative environment has produced.

As stated by the venue itself, “Elixiba was born to be the bridge between health and social life”. Perhaps better understood as a crossroads than a bridge, it seems as though Elixiba is a restaurant and bar where on top of health and social lives, ethics, sustainability and delicious food also cross over.


Website: www.elixiba.com

Address: 3/11-13 Ocean St, Maroochydore QLD 4558


Sunday – Thursday | 12-8pm

Saturday – Sunday | 12-9pm

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