Elements of Byron: eco-glam encapsulated by rainforest and beach

Award-winning Elements of Byron is a glamorous beachfront resort hidden in the trees, designed purposefully to indulge, invigorate and soothe guests. 

Facilities you won’t soon forget

The perfect blend of seamless modern design and Byron Bay’s boundless natural beauty makes for an unbeatable pairing and idyllic environment on the New South Wales’s coastline. Opening its doors in 2016, this manmade natural oasis feels brand new and completely timeless. With nature in all directions, sat in your private villa, you’ll lose track of where you are. 

Credit: Natalie McComas

Stay at Elements of Byron and you’ll find no need to leave the resort itself. A quiet sandy beachfront, rainforest laced with walking trails and never-ending views of the ocean all on your doorstep, keep you busy enough. Inside the sleek and swanky resort itself, world-class facilities impress even the most seasoned of luxury traveller. A centrally-located pool is temperature controlled all year for maximum comfort. The pool’s discreet design, weaving into nooks and crannies forms private areas for sun lounges and to take a dip. A fire pit ignited at night adds to the vibe of barefoot luxury.

Osprey Spa set inside the resort, is a warm haven of light woods, beiges, whites and rustic bamboo. The attention to detail is striking, and embellished with little hints of nature. This is the kind of spa you walk into and immediately feel pampered. Wholesome organic products steal the show, and a holistic approach to treatments see wellness at its finest. Facials, massages, tailored full-body experiences and much more is on offer at Osprey Spa. 

Credit: Elements of Byron

Food and drink to impress

As you would expect, wining and dining at Elements of Byron lives up to the opulence of the rest of the resort. You’ll have a choice to make when it comes to choosing your lunch or dinner too. Plus, not only will you have to decide whether to grab a cocktail, craft beer or crisp and cold white wine, but you’ll have to decide where to drink it. Azure bar & Grill, sees world-class chefs celebrating produce local to Byron Bay. A handful of vegan and vegetarian options are on offer on the changing and seasonal menu. At Botanica Beach Club, an array of delectable nibbles and refreshing cocktails make for idyllic lunchtime grazing. Summer Salt bar perched by the pool brings Mexico to your plate and summer vibes all year round.

Villas you won’t want to leave behind

Villas at Elements of Byron – equipped with flat screens, deep bath tubs and rain showers – are sprinkled across the resort, interspersed with ponds and gorgeous native gardens. The 94 villas which lay underneath the lofty eucalyptus trees, feel kind of like rustic beach huts, but with a crisp modern finish. Studio options, as well as one and two bedroom villas near the ocean, next to ponds and tucked within the greenery make for peaceful bases for your Byron Bay holiday.

Credit: Lauren Bamford

A sustainable ethos to top it off

Set upon 24-hectares of grounds, including a piece of critically endangered rainforest, Elements of Byron truly is tucked away within the pristine and wild Byron Bay landscapes. According to the resort, ‘Elements of Byron captures Byron’s green and eco-conscious culture, continuously evolving its offering and sustainability program’. And indeed, it seems as though its reliance on nature’s wonderful aesthetic and rejuvenating qualities is truly appreciated, having a great eco-conscious effect on its day to day functions. In fact, a new Eco Education Centre at the resort, recently granted by the council, will become a centre for children to learn about sustainability, ecology, urban food production and waste reduction. For now, a number of environmentally focused initiatives are already well in place.

Credit: Elements of Byron

Waste and energy reduction to boast about

Weaving its way around the bodies and water, the resort is in many parts set upon stilts, avoiding the destruction of natural habitats and preexisting water flows. Meanwhile, the facilities of the main building capture rainwater for toilet flushing and pool top up. Inside villas, an energy management system which is able to recognise human presence, turns off power when no one is in the room, reducing energy usage. Power demand in villas is resultantly reduced by 35% compared to a normal hotel room. LED lights form the low voltage lighting in each accommodation and electric car charing is available in the resort’s car park. 500 square metres of solar panels charge buggies, used to transport guests in and out of the resort.

Waste reduction – and particularly the reduction of plastic – is a hot topic in society today, and is embraced at the highest level at Elements of Byron. Yes, this goes further than the elimination of plastic straws. To add to the list of biodegrade alternatives, you’ll find Elements implementing: sugarcane coffee cups, biodegradable recycling bags, an iPad in place of all paper in rooms, menus wrapped in biodegradable plastics and the reusing of plastic containers in the kitchen. When it comes to food waste, Elements of Byron participates in the Love Food Hate Waste program, which provides businesses with the tools to keep track of food waste. This involves receiving a kit of handy resources to reduce on-site waste, review problem points and continuously measure food waste.

Credit: Elements of Byron

Making the decision to go luxury on your Byron Bay holiday isn’t one which typically comes with a low carbon footprint. But step foot inside Elements of Byron and you’ll manage to soak up all the luxury you could desire, surrounded by protected natural landscapes. Elements borrows nature’s Australian beauty, and works in harmony with its resources.


Website: www.elementsofbyron.com.au

Address: 144 Bayshore Dr, Byron Bay NSW 2481

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