Ecotreasures: exploring Sydney’s finest natural gems

Built upon an ethos that places education at the heart of environmental awareness, Ecotreasures is a Sydney tour company that demonstrates to visitors just how precious nature can be. 

Immersive experiences

Created on the northern beaches of Sydney, Ecotreasures dates back to 2010. Damien – the source of passion and brains behind the business – initially created the tour company to offer visitors to Sydney a more immersive experience in nature. What followed was not only a whole range of exciting outdoor tour options, but an eco tourism certification from EcoTourism Australia.

As an eco-friendly tour operator, Ecotreasures focuses on fun, whilst also showing guests first-hand how valuable conservation areas are. Environmental education is key to the company’s experiences and is something the owner wants guests to take away with them after a day of immersive outdoor activities. Damien explains:

“The outdoors provides a place for people to relax and connect with nature. I think a tour company is a simple but powerful tool to campaign for more conservation whilst making people happy… Education provides people with a connection to the environment and often leads to them wanting to know more.”

Nature-based activities 

Sustainable travellers seeking out the best way to explore Sydney’s underworld world, its glistening waters and diverse nature-scapes should undoubtedly consider Ecotreasures. The business is proudly one of only five Advanced Eco Tourism Certified nature-based experiences in Sydney. Well-informed guides here offer educational content and ooze passion and local knowledge. But of course the educational aspect is only part of the excitement.

Opting for a tour with Ecotreasures means choosing from snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, camping and more. Admire the atmospheric sunrise from your SUP board as you glide across the water at Manly Beach. Small groups and tranquil settings make this experience particularly special. Alternatively, embark on a snorkelling tour at Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve and discover the underwater world, or choose a three hour kayak tour of the majestic Pittwater waterway.

Depending on the tour you choose to take, guides will inform guests about not only local wildlife and sea-life, but also offer knowledge about Aboriginal culture and various cultural sites throughout national parks and along the coastline. 

Accreditation and efforts 

Sydney is lucky to be inundated with nature; its coves, national parks, conservation areas, harbours and rocky coastline means that you never have to go far to immerse yourself in nature. Ecotreasures takes advantage of this natural richness, with tours taking place in some of Sydney’s most spectacular spots; Northern Beaches, Ku-ring-gai Chase and Sydney Harbour National Park amongst others.

Potential customers might be interested to know that only 4% of eco-accredited tours are located in Australian cities. 96% are found in regional areas, making this company especially unique. But what does it mean to be accredited by EcoTourism Australia? And why should you stick to accredited businesses? 

EcoTourism accredited businesses fundamentally focus on nature and work in harmony with the environment. This mean reducing impacts and keeping them to an absolute minimum. Education also plays a large part in the accreditation criteria, with certified businesses required to involve a certain element of environmental education in their products and services. Contributing to conserving the environment and helping local communities makes up another essential part of the criteria. Beach clean-ups organised by Ecotreasures with the help of volunteers and international students make up another of the efforts by Ecotreasures to care for the environment. 

During your next trip to Sydney, embark on a tour with Ecotreasures to reignite your passion for the natural world. Paying towards a business you believe in is an essential part of a responsible holiday to Sydney.



Address: 10/9 Foamcrest Ave, Newport NSW 2106

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