Commune Bondi: Building a Platform for Sustainable Artisan Products

Built on innovation and a determination to make sustainable products more accessible, Commune Bondi has created a community of artisans and consumers to bring stunning ethical products to the modern market. 

Innovation for sustainability 

The innovative brand Commune Bondi was created in 2016 by Sydney locals Loren and Kristie to solve a problem. Both passionate to live their lives as sustainably as possible, they struggled to find products that fitted with an ethos of fair trade, sustainability and ethical production. It was from this struggle that Commune Bondi was created, an organisation that showcases products that are sustainable and ethical, taking the struggle out of making ethical shopping choices. 

Based in the beautiful region of Bondi, Commune Bondi features everything from homewares and furniture to children’s toys, artwork and stunning fashion pieces. All their items are linked by the common thread of sustainability, quality craftsmanship and ethical production methods.

 The range of sustainable brands and products that Commune Bondi hosts means that they have a design for every style and event. Whether you are looking for a tie-dye tee for a summer afternoon by the beach, a boho dress for a casual cafe lunch or beautiful hand-crafted tableware to stand out at your next dinner party, Commune Bondi has you covered. 

Credit: Commune Bondi

A community for ethical consumerism 

Commune Bondi exists as a true celebration of ethical consumerism, quality craftsmanship and a sharing of a sustainable mindset. Exemplifying what it means to be an ethical Australian company, Commune Bondi tirelessly works to provide a platform for unique brands to showcase items that are not only expertly crafted and individualistic, but that promote the message that we all have the power to create a more sustainable world. 

In Commune Bondi, Loren and Kristie have created more than a simple sustainable fashion and homewares brand, they have created a community in which artisans and consumers can come together to create a system that supports sustainability. Loren and Kristie have fashioned a way for consumers to access stunning products from brands that promote thoroughly ethical practices in a way that is simple and convenient for consumers. 

Since its humble beginnings in 2016, this community that Commune Bondi has facilitated has been growing, with customers now not only from Bondi but from around Australia, with consumer links growing internationally. Going further than simply selling sustainable items, Commune Bondi is actively spreading the message of sustainable consumerism. 

Credit: Commune Bondi

A sustainable solution

Spawned from a desire to facilitate sustainable consumerism and with a shared love of fashion and interior design, Loren and Kristie have created an ethical Australian company and a much-needed platform for everyday consumers to be able to access sustainable and ethically sourced goods. 

Through solving the problem, they originally faced in the limited access to sustainable products, Commune Bondi has become a solution that not only aids sustainable artisans to showcase their craft but facilitates a community to share knowledge, ideas and connect with a more sustainable lifestyle. 



Address: 1/96 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach NSW 2028


Monday – Saturday | 9am – 5pm

Sunday | 9.30am – 4pm

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