Byron Farmers Market: Putting a face to your food

Byron Bay is all about creativity, the outdoors and a barefoot, laidback lifestyle. Nowhere is that more apparent that at the town’s various markets, and the Byron Farmers Market is no exception.

Credit: Byron Bay Farmers Market

What started out as a dream conjured up by local families, farmers and environmentalists has now, 15 years later, become a weekly highlight in the Byron Bay calendar. Every Thursday, the Byron Farmers Market is packed with vendors selling their locally grown and handmade produce.

If you’re in town for a visit, make sure you arrive early to get your hands on the best produce before it runs out. Pick up a coffee and maybe even a freshly baked pastry to nibble on as you browse the stalls for fruit, vegetables, hand-picked flowers or herbs and spices.

Credit: Byron Bay Farmers Market

Grown with love

There’s always a varied selection of fresh produce and handmade goodies of the highest quality on offer at the Byron Farmers Market because each stall holder must go through a rigorous process in order to be approved to sell their wares.

Each stall holder works alongside the Byron Farmers Market Association to guarantee the quality of their product and to provide a balanced marketplace for customers. The association guarantees product integrity by visiting the farms and workshops of the growers and makers. And, they assist these small vendors and businesses in creating sustainable, viable business ventures.

Credit: Byron Bay Farmers Market

The stall holders at the market are able to meet the demand for sustainable yet affordable produce because everything is grown and made locally which means not only the freshest produce, but also that they are able to make cost savings because the goods are not transported for long distances. The growers are also able to make informed choices about farming practises because they own their own land and their businesses.

A full day out

The market has a cool bohemian vibe and there’s always some live entertainment, so remember to bring some loose change to support the local musicians. The stall holders and friendly and always open for a chat while you browse, they have some wonderful stories and you might also pick up some local tips for other things to do throughout your stay.

Credit: Byron Bay Farmers Market

If you love the market so much that you want more, or if you’re not in town on a Thursday, then take the short but scenic drive to the Bangalow Farmers Market. It’s the little sister to the Byron Farmers Market and is also run by the Byron Bay Farmers Market Association. Like all things Bangalow, this is a small, local village style market. Stalls are set up in a picturesque setting under the shade of rustling camphor laurel and weeping fig trees.

It’s well worth spending the whole day in this rural town, starting with the market where you’ll find local jewellers, designers, artists and food vendors. Then, after you’ve finished shopping, head over to the insta-worhty Byron Street where there are a number of small shops and designer boutiques selling art, homewares and clothes.


Address: Butler Street Reserve, Byron Bay 2481


Thursday | 8 – 11am

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