Byron Bay Skincare: natural skincare the way it was intended

Made from an array of Australian botanicals, Byron Bay Skincare takes inspiration from mother nature to produce chemical-free skincare that truly nourishes your skin.

Chemical-free skincare

Inspired by the sweeping coastline, thick green rainforests and emerald hinterlands of Byron Bay, a skincare brand seeking to take things back to basics was born. At Byron Bay Skincare, products are local, natural, vegan and cruelty free. Using ingredients 100% naturally derived, this Byron Bay business has managed to create skincare products which follow a guilt-free and utterly wholesome ethos. 

Credit: Byron Bay Skincare

What you won’t find in Byron Bay Skincare products are a whole range of chemicals found in most other bottles of shampoos, creams and so on. These include silicones, fragrances, GMO products, parabens, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, mineral oils and a whole lot of other nasties. Instead, in a bottle of any Byron Bay Skincare product, you’ll discover a concoction of rich nutrients and vitamins, picked from native plants and gentle upon the skin.

Perfectly pure products

If you’re at all conscious about what ends up on your skin, you’ll be aware that a great deal of products claiming to be made from natural ingredients, aren’t always as pure once you take a closer look at the label. Byron Bay Skincare states:

“We don’t believe in false advertising, so when we say our products are natural and plant derived – we mean it.”

There are too many fabulous natural ingredients to mention within the bottles of Byron Bay Skincare, but when purchasing Body, Skin or Hair care, you’ll be treating your skin to little doses natural goodness and a break from harsh man-made chemicals. 

For example, argan oil, native to Morocco is a tree which produces a beautiful hydrating oil for the hair. Lemon Myrtle – similar to tea tree – is a powerful antimicrobial, helping to reduce the overproduction of oils in the skin. Chamomile flowers used in a handful of Byron Bay products are anti-inflammatory and soothe the skin as well as the muscles, whilst native eucalyptus oil from the trees of New South Wales offer an aromatic fragrance and antiseptic properties. Byron Bay Skincare certainly proves that there’s absolutely no need for nasty chemicals; nature offers us everything we need in our beauty routines.

Credit: Byron Bay Skincare

Produced for those who adore the sun and spend their days outside, dipping in the sea or surfing the waves, Byron Bay Skincare is ideal for the natural healing of the skin and hair. So what exactly can you get your hands on at Byron Bay Skincare? Upon a visit to one of the business’s stockists, find shampoo and conditioner, hand sanitisers, body washes, body cremes, body soufflé, cleanser, exfoliator, masks and a whole lot more. There’s nothing better at replenishing the body than the extracts of mother nature herself. 

Environmental ethos

Choosing high-quality self care doesn’t have to be a selfish, or self-entered decision. In fact, by choosing to purchase beauty products from environmentally friendly brands, your money can be used for the greater good. Not only does Byron Bay Skincare avoid flooding the environment with harmful chemicals, the company goes much further to keep an eye on its footprint. 

Reliant on the beauty and diversity of nature for its success, Byron Bay Skincare is a modern-day treehugger. In fact, they like trees so much that they’ve planted almost 9000 of them in their lifetime. With deforestation at the heart of climate change issues, the brand knows that the future health of our planet relies on the existence of our trees. Each tree can each produce 120 kilograms of oxygen each year, whilst absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Committed to rebuilding the environment, Byron Bay Skincare plants one tree for every single sale it makes online. 

Credit: Byron Bay Skincare

In 2019, the reality of biodiversity loss and climate change truly hit Australia with forest fires wiping out endless hectares of forests. Nearly 9 million acres of bushland was lost in New South Wales alone, resulting in human and animal lives lost as well as habitat destroyed. In reaction to this, Byron Bay Skincare currently works with One Tree Planted, to plant native Australian trees. In years to come, these trees will once again form the delicate habitats of rare species found only in Australia. 

You don’t have to go outside and a plant a tree (although it would be great if you did). However, if you already buy skincare products, why not swap it for a bottle of exquisite Byron Bay Skincare? You’ll be treating your skin to the most gorgeous and healing of Australian native botanicals, whilst doing your bit to support a business passionate about environmental regeneration.



Take a look here to find your closest stockist of Byron Bay Skincare.

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