Bollywood Veggies: the green cracking the concrete

Explore a Singapore farm where the value of green space and agriculture shine through.

Green space amongst an urban jungle

It is logical to think that with the unconstrained expansion of urban areas, actual rural spaces will soon cease to exist. This is indeed what has happened in Singapore, where less than 1% of the country’s land is now used for agriculture. At the forefront of the fight for the maintenance of the green amongst the concrete, you will find Bollywood Veggies Farm. Here you’ll get a taste of the local and organic array of flavors that Singapore’s soils have to offer.

After rethinking their plans of retiring to a foreign land, founders Ivy Singh-Lim and Lim Ho Seng envisioned Bollywood Veggies as their next step in the right direction. Swapping golf courses for a life of farming and sharing at the forgotten Kranji Countryside, this couple has seen their project grow to include a restaurant, an earth shop, as well as a food museum and culinary school.

Savoring Singapore

Featuring tapioca, sweet potato and sugar cane, this 10 acre farm is known to have more than one hundred varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herb plants, with bananas being their most abundant crop. An effort worthy of an applause in a country where less than 10% of the food required to feed its populations is produced on home grounds.

Nasi lemak, chicken curry and sambal tofu are some of the dishes you may have the chance of trying at their on-site restaurant, Poison Ivy, where all meals are prepared using ingredients grown at Bollywood Veggies and nearby farms. Before getting off your seat though, you will want to take a bite of one of their fresh banana or chocolate banana breads.

Walks among the crops

Your mouth and tongue don’t have to be the only ones touring local flavors. The farm offers 10 minute and 30 minute trails through their land with signage guiding visitors through their kitchen garden, fruit forests, groves and even insect hotels. Not only do these short hikes give visitors a glimpse into the workings of an organic farm, but their information boards will provide you with facts about the crops that are grown there and the ingredients that you probably just ate or are about to eat. As one of their boards warns “after reading this you will never look at a banana the same way again”.

Get your hands earthy

To engage its guests in the farm lifestyle, Bollywood Veggies offers a series of activities ranging from cooking classes to paddy planting and from terrarium making workshops to insect house building. Their introduction talks to medicinal plants, yoga lessons, and mindfulness sessions are also not to be missed. Do note that in order to be part of these activities you should book your place in advance (see website).



Address: 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026


Wednesday – Thursday | 8am – 5.30pm

Friday – Sunday | 8am – 6.30pm

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